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Comment PS4 + Vita Bundle (Score 1) 161

Is rumored to come out this Christmas. If they get it in for $600, that may be the death kneel for the Xbone. IF they match the price of the Xbone, 100% over. And it'll drive people away from the 3DS as well. The Vita is a great piece of hardware, they just have no games really worth investing in.

Disclaimer: Owner of 360, PS3, Wii U, Wii, 3DS, Vita, etc etc... No trolling. I'd prefer the Xbone to be the better system, but from a business perspective, there's no way they could stop a bundle like that.

Comment Re:Jobs must be rolling in his grave... (Score 1) 773

But really, the 5C is the same thing Apple has done, at least since the 4S. New version starts at 199 (5s) and the old version starts at 99 (the 5), only in this case, they made the old version better/more interesting to move away from the, "Oh, it's just last years version. Why would I want that?" for those people that aren't going to buy the latest and greatest. There is no huge change in their business plan, they are just being more aggressive on selling "the old stuff" by giving it a make-over as well.

Comment Re:Romney waived a red flag (Score 3, Interesting) 836

I think some of the resentment comes from a fallacy in the distinction you made: either they worked for it, or they got lucky. But lots of people work very hard, and the poor probably work the hardest. Effort is only one contributor to wealth. Luck and societal help play a huge role in both but many of the wealthy refuse to admit that, preferring to the inflated view that it was all them and if less wealthy people would just work harder, they'd be fine. It's an arrogant presumption that simply isn't true. The guy who works two eight hour jobs for his family, six days a week, for 30K a year works harder than Romney ever has. Yet Romney has over 3,000 times the wealth of that man and generally is of the opinion he got their on his own.

Comment Re:Bloody communists! (Score 1) 267

This is not the case. If a CEO receives 1 million dollars in stock, he can then sell it for 1 million dollars. If the company stock stays level, he still is being paid 1 million dollars. If they stock drops by half, he's still being paid 500,000 dollars. The stock he receives isn't worthless until he proves himself. It has value and he can do many things with it including selling it at a lower income tax bracket than many Americans.

Comment Real Private Tuition Not Rising? (Score 1) 433

Public Tuition seems to be rising due to budget cuts and privates seem not to rising in real dollars for most. Planet Money did a great segment on this, tuition sticker price has been rising, but real prices have been staying with inflation; again for private schools.

Comment Re:More capacity, but what about I/O? (Score 4, Interesting) 293

It's not the interface, it's the drives themselves. They aren't really faster than they were when ATA-133 came out. Doesn't matter what interface you stick on there, hard-drives aren't getting faster (thank god for SSD). At 60TB also, the BER rate approaches something like 600% chance over the whole of the drive, or something like that, if they are using the same reliability numbers that current drives use. Terrifying.

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