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Comment Shameful (Score 1) 799

Her parents should sue the judge! No child of 4 (or now 6) should have to go through the trauma of being accused (or being led to believe they have) of murder. She may be scarred for life now. This story will now follow her for the rest of her life. The family of the woman who died should show some forgiveness and understanding and plea to the could for the decision to go ahead reversed.

Comment Re:Chemistry teaching in Britain (Score 1) 418

On a side note, what petes says is also true for Maths and other subjects. My son attended college and did his maths A level about 4 years ago, the college 'professor' told him (and I was there to hear it) that it was a pretty easy course and they have a virtual 100% pass rate now everything but advanced algebra had been taken out!!!

Comment Re:Who would seriously defend Datel? (Score 1) 109

Not that it has anything to do with this lawsuit (the pad looks like an obvious rip off), you should look into the facts before you start commenting. It is usually the 'comment' left in that is the basis for the checksum to make sure it is a 'real' product. Most of the time you have to leave the comment intact or the device won't work. Like the word SEGA in megadrive carts, etc or the psx comment to get a psx external boot rom to start, Nintendo gameboys wouldn't boot a cart that didn't say the word 'Nintendo' in the correct place in the rom! In fact there should be no comments in the code as these are left out by the compiler, comments that you see have to be left there on purpose, other than for this purpose as a cheeky comment exchange between developers and hackers.

The big companies put these things in (for protection purposes) so they can stop you selling a third party product under trademark laws and bog you down in legal red tape because Judges usually have a limited understanding of how things work - they just see the trademark word. This practice should be made illegal as it stops fair competition and innovation - something that is usually good for the general public,. but not that good for the big companies.

Comment How about the compiler source too? (Score 1) 199

Even if they get the source code for the program, they now have a valid reason to also ask for the source code to the compiler - as this may also have bugs.

In fact, if the program or compiler have had ANY revisions due to bug fixes, then one could argue that the current version of either also could have bugs.

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