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Comment Re:It isn't a good deal (Score 1) 238

It's a good deal because the customer will have to buy another one after 3 or 4 years due to burn in or the blue wearing out. It's a great deal for the vendor.

(Continues to lament that we can't have both true black and a display technology that won't burn in or wear out quickly).

I had to check the date because that ceased to be an issue a couple of years ago. My LG OLED gets around 70-80hrs a week of use due to me working nights and the wife working days and its now almost 2 years old with no sign of burn in and the blue is still where it should be, maybe because I had my TV calibrated which resulted in blue being reduced by between 8% and 10% from 20 IRE to 100 IRE. It went from this to this after calibration.

Comment Re:Tiniest violin (Score 1) 116

For me to buy the several hundred films in the cultural canon on Bluray or DVD, it would take me years and so much money that I also wouldn't have anything left over for purchasing culturally important recordings or books. Torrent sites are just as important as Sci-Hub in bringing important information to the average person who doesn't enjoy a huge salary or well-stocked library.

No excuse. VPN and Netflix/Spotify. At least you're paying for it.

Comment Re:what, wait a second (Score 1) 164

I drive a DAF CF Euro 6 with this fitted. It will slam the brakes on hard. Unfortunately it currently suffers from too many false positives, for example if there is a car stationary in a central reservation waiting to turn into a side road on the outside of a sharp bend the truck will decide you're going to hit it even though you're going round the bend and slam on the brakes.

Comment Not as big a story as it may first appear (Score 4, Interesting) 442

Those who voted Remain have a vision of the big international banks in the City fleeing the nation, that is the image they were sold by Project Fear. The reality is that less than 10% of London City trading requires us to be in the EU. More than 90% of it is UK domestic and non-EU trade. EU passporting could be maintained merely by having a satellite office in Dublin with a couple of dozen staff.

In the meantime the Dutch bank ING is actually moving staff INTO the City from Belgium in case Brexit stops it being able to trade in the UK.

Comment Re:There is no 'EU tax law" (Score 2) 122

The EU didn't impose a punishment on Apple, they imposed one on Ireland. The EU basically calculated what the tax bill should have been if all Irish corporate tax rules had been applied the same as they would to any other company in Ireland and told Ireland they had to charge Apple the difference.

Comment Re:The rule interpretation was changed retroactive (Score 1) 122

For 25 years there wasn't a peep from the EU that Ireland's tax laws constituted illegal state aid. Then they change their interpretation--towards a single US company--and now they want that company to pay years of back-taxes.

There wasn't a peep because the tax rates were applied fairly to all companies. Apple then negotiated a special "Apple only" deal which applied only to them which the Irish were happy to do to have Apple's EU HQ in the country. That deal constituted being state aid of the type which is illegal in the EU for all member states.

Comment Re:And clued-in users. . . (Score 1) 71

These are pretty much the main reason piracy even exists: a simple lack of service issue.

What a load of crap. People do it because they can get stuff for free with little chance of being caught, plain and simple. If it was a lack of service issue then why is piracy of movies available on Netflix/Amazon still as rampant as ever? If it was about DRM why is piracy of stuff on iTunes etc which is DRM free still as rampant as ever? Stop trying to come up with ever more tenuous reasons as to why people do it and just be honest. Trying to claim that X million people pirated a track that is both available DRM free on iTunes or Spotify free "because of service issues" just makes you look retarded.

Comment Re:Truly despicable (Score 2) 359

When was the last time there was a mass bombing or mass violence in the UK?

The American funded IRA ran a 20 odd year bombing campaign in mainland Britain that only ended in the late 1990s. Then there were the 7/7 bombings in London on 7th July 2005 by Islamic Terrorists who blew up buses and tube trains..

Comment I don't think they've thought about it. (Score 2) 44

"We find trucks today totally unacceptable. Loud, polluting and unfriendly," said Denis Sverdlov, chief executive of Charge, the automotive technology firm behind the truck. "We are making trucks the way they should be - affordable, elegant, quiet, clean and safe."

So his solution is to replace a truck with 28 of these vans which is what it would take to carry the same load as a single articulated lorry. I'm sure that is way better.

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