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Comment Re:And clued-in users. . . (Score 1) 69

These are pretty much the main reason piracy even exists: a simple lack of service issue.

What a load of crap. People do it because they can get stuff for free with little chance of being caught, plain and simple. If it was a lack of service issue then why is piracy of movies available on Netflix/Amazon still as rampant as ever? If it was about DRM why is piracy of stuff on iTunes etc which is DRM free still as rampant as ever? Stop trying to come up with ever more tenuous reasons as to why people do it and just be honest. Trying to claim that X million people pirated a track that is both available DRM free on iTunes or Spotify free "because of service issues" just makes you look retarded.

Comment Re:Truly despicable (Score 2) 359

When was the last time there was a mass bombing or mass violence in the UK?

The American funded IRA ran a 20 odd year bombing campaign in mainland Britain that only ended in the late 1990s. Then there were the 7/7 bombings in London on 7th July 2005 by Islamic Terrorists who blew up buses and tube trains..

Comment I don't think they've thought about it. (Score 2) 44

"We find trucks today totally unacceptable. Loud, polluting and unfriendly," said Denis Sverdlov, chief executive of Charge, the automotive technology firm behind the truck. "We are making trucks the way they should be - affordable, elegant, quiet, clean and safe."

So his solution is to replace a truck with 28 of these vans which is what it would take to carry the same load as a single articulated lorry. I'm sure that is way better.

Comment Re:Seriously? It doesn't matter? (Score 1) 292

Prove it.

Read the fucking article, deluded fanboi. It stated that all phones were put through a full charge/discharge cycle prior to the test. If your phone has half the battery capacity of everything else but its specs are on a similar level its going to do really shit in battery tests no matter how much optimisation you do.

Comment Re:It doesn't matter (Score 3, Insightful) 147

Not many people have 4k sets, HDR isn't standardized, and by the time things get sorted out and these end up in peoples' homes, the next generation will be upon us and ready to fully exploit 4k.

4K TVs are outselling 1080p ones. HDR may not be standardised but from a console perspective once it has been it can be resolved by a simple firmware update.

Comment Cost in USA $600, cost in EU, $42. (Score 2) 327

Don't need to DIY them, just need to sort out the ridiculous situation in the USA. The Epipen I have here in the UK which comes from a company called Meda cost me £8.40 on prescription. Obviously the NHS don't pay that little but a quick cursory search shows that here and in France it costs $85 for two.

Comment Re:So no more soveriegn countries then ? (Score 2) 73

This is a complete disgrace. This is an Irish citizen. If he's committed a crime on Irish soil he should be tried in and Irish court under Irish law.

The idea that countries, mainly America, can now extradite people all over the world sticks two fingers up at the idea of sovereign states.

What's next ? An American being sent to face the death penalty because there's a video of them dropping some chewing gum on the streets of Singapore ?

Sorry but this is a basic tenet of international law and has been for many many years, that you cannot direct harm in one country from another and be immune from prosecution simply because you did it from elsewhere.

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