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Comment Re: Single use? (Score 1) 761

And on my families iPhone's our earbuds are still in their nice little plastic cases. Got four of them now, never used, not once.

To the earbuds that come with the iPhone, I, too, would leave them in their original packaging. ... And then pull out my Sennheiser headphones, or tape adapter (for the car) or otherwise. Apple's earbuds are far too uncomfortable for me, personally, but I still use the headphone port every day.

I hate the idea of paying another $100 on top of the base cost of a pair of headphones just to add wireless. I hate the idea of having to constantly be aware of the battery level in the headphones. (At Apple's new, proprietary implementation) I hate the idea of being locked to a single platform.

I don't mind having a wire dangle, and rather enjoy having in-line controls. I like having an in-line microphone that I can either let dangle or bring right up to my mouth if I want to talk quietly and still be heard or just be heard better in a loud place.

There's a reason the headphone port has lasted as long as it has. It is useful. It is universal. Give me a headphone jack, or I won't buy it. As an Android user, I'm glaring at Motorola and their Moto Z with distaste because they're going the same route. Not everyone prefers wireless. And no one likes dongles.

Comment Re:Seems reasonable to sell a product (Score 1) 238

How many people are *capable* of building a decent laptop? Desktops use standardized interfaces (ATX/BTX, PCI Express, etc). Laptop motherboards, keyboards, etc are all specially designed to fit the chassis, especially once you start getting into laptops designed to be light/thin.

Comment Re: Not Impressed (Score 1) 37

Bullshit. Nexus 7 launched at $200 and the Nexus 5 launched at $350 (though I opted for the 32GB version). Those were great devices for their time. The Nexus 5 is still a great device. So don't tell me that the Nexus line has always been expensive at launch or otherwise. Don't use the last 2 years to generalize the entire product line.

Comment Re:No surprise (Score 1) 168

By the time I load my basic utilities and required apps, my phone's speed is always way slower than out-of-the-box stock. I have come to accept this. OS updates have also slowed things down over time. Back when my Nexus 5 came out, it responded faster than I could muscle-memory position my finger for the next button. Lollipop was a little slower, and Marshmallow is even slower. Not unusable, like my HTC G2 on Gingerbread became, but with more than a few milliseconds response time between actions.

Comment Re:While It Sucks... (Score 1) 160

The bottom line, is that if we want better government, then we should vote for it.

Yes, we should vote on it. But it seems that any politician that agrees with the mass's opinion on some topics, it is the opposite on other topics. So a politician that is willing to help fix things with oligopoly will probably screw things over elsewhere in society.

... but if you allow the federal bureaucrats to bend the states to their will on this, then the door is open to federal impositions on many other issues that you may not like so much.

So, you're opposed to the federal government telling states to open up competition?

Submission + - H1B Records Being Destroyed by Feds

Foofoobar writes: On the tail of 100,000 layoffs by IBM, the Feds are deleting all long term electronic records associated with the H1B program. No reason was given and this would never have been noticed until the Labor Dept posted a note saying those records were no longer available. This directly inhibits ANY research on companies using these. What is the government trying to hide?

Comment Re:Yes, (Score 1) 614

You should have a plan to replace and upgrade the whole thing one piece at a time, even if not replacing the whole system at once.

Thing of it is, though, regarding platform upgrades such as software built upon IE6, Windows 9x (or whatever it's tied to) often requires a complete redesign of the framework due to API changes, etc. Machines can be replaced with newer stuff that does the exact same thing (same input, same output, regardless of the process during), so that it doesn't interrupt the overall flow.

Comment Re:Not as arbitrary as you make it seem (Score 1) 261

There's generally little difference between a child at 8 months and 28 days versus at 9 months. In fact, the mother could decide to have an elective c-section at 8 months and 28 days an make that the kids "birthday".

No offense, but your argument is flawed. A human is considered to be born once it exits the womb, no matter when or how. Software is also born, if you will, as soon as it is released, no matter how or when, during whatever stage of development. Thus when Linus released the initial source code to Linux on UseNet (Aug 25 1991, 11:12PM is when notification was posted, according to archives), that is when it was born.

Comment Re:InfoWorld = FAIL (Score 1) 345

First, let me admit that I have not yet RTFA, but let me place a rebuttal anyway.
No, Daemons and Services are absolutely NOT the same as device driver support. That being said, all operating systems start up several different services, etc, by default. Using MySQL as the example, several Linux distributions apparently start MySQL by default along with several other programs. Most users of these distributions often never use MySQL, so the maintainers are removing it from the default startup script. Whilst the software itself may still be included with the operating system, the change of not starting it by default increases overall computer performance (due to fewer programs being run). The comment that this idea can make the operating system run on more hardware is then technically correct regarding slower CPUs and/or less RAM.

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