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Comment Re:Repo Man (Score 1) 110

I think its also crap how you can buy an imported car at times with nearly 1% APR, but an education that does not depreciate or get repossessed must not only accrue ridiculous finance fees, it now must also involve indentured servitude.

I believe you answered your own question: in case of default, a car can get repossessed and sold, an education can't. If you were in the lender's position, why would you lend money to students knowing they could default and walk away from the debt?

Comment Re:Apple (Score 1) 52

No, PC browsers (with the possible exception of Safari?) don't do anything nearly so braindead, nor do any of the other kinds of PC software that use a JIT (a few examples: Java, .NET, Flash). You allocate the memory, with pages mapped R/W. You emit JIT-compiled code into a page. You re-map the page to R/X! Repeat as more pages are needed. You never, even have a R/W/X page.

For Chrome, at least, you're completely wrong. Chrome (or more specifically V8) maps all code pages as RWX, then starts writing and modifying code in-place in those RWX pages. Having writable code is required for several V8 features, like inline caches and code garbage collection. Chrome is just as bad in this regard as Safari. However, it's not allowed to do this on iOS, only on desktops and Android (AFAIK).

Comment Re:Criminality can be relative (Score 1) 516

Much poorer countries than the US have far fewer felons (in fact, the US has the highest incarceration rate in the world). Poverty isn't correlated with the number of felons. I think it's ignorant for a citizen of the world's top superpower (and one of the richest countries on the planet) to argue about desperation. I grew up in a developing country, with many more poor people and in worse situations than any I've heard about in the US, and yet they don't go around murdering others for food (except if they're criminals). By the time the US is in that bad a shape, much poorer countries will already be much worse off and probably invading.

Comment Re:Move. (Score 1) 516

The Russian Revolution was a disaster, and brought about a century of poverty, crime and suffering (in Russia and a lot of Eastern Europe). Also, the revolutionaries killed not just the "rich oppressors", but also a lot of people they just didn't like: intellectuals, artists, scientists, small business owners and so on (including some of their own). Personally, I'm fine with preventing something like that from happening again, but not by giving into their demands.

Comment Re:Move. (Score 1) 516

To me, the only valid provocation for violence is preceding violence (the only justified violence is self-defense). Someone not giving you their money is not "provocation" in my book. The difference between justifying and predicting it is simple: if it's just a prediction, then you also accept measures to prevent it (any measures, such as everyone arming themselves against these thieves).

Comment Re:Move. (Score 1) 516

No, you know what he can, should, and will do? He'll fucking murder you, and take your stuff. If your world view relies on the underclass laying down and dying for your convenience, you're going to be in for a rude, and fully deserved, awakening.

That is a horrible and seriously criminal attitude. You're arguing that if others don't give you something you need, it's fine to just murder them (your words, not mine). Unprovoked violence is never justified; whatever your problems might be, you have to solve them peacefully (unless you get attacked first). This kind of Robin Hood-style violence does not belong in a civilized, developed society.

Comment Re:Seems reasonable (Score 2) 167

In the case of the US, a legal mechanism already exists to force foreign students to return to their countries. If a student studies in the US on a J1 visa, he/she cannot get another visa from certain categories (like J1 and H1B) or a green card for 2 years after the J1 expires. There's a way to get an exemption from this, but it requires that the student's own government signs off on it.

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