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Comment Re:Some sensible things (Score 2) 168

Not if the switch was inline with the microphone circuit, not everything can be bypassed in software. If you put a switch in line with the connection directly coming from the microphone(s) then they are disabled.
I mentioned this years ago and still think there should be security standards for microphones and cameras that basically say if yo meet certain specs you are a secure deice, that would include hard cut off switches and lights that are always on when the switch is closed to show you can be seen or heard.

Comment Re:It's A Bargain (Score 1) 460

Yea people better watch it, I used to buy Netflix before I even watched it because it is a big deal, Netflix shows that people want streamed video over then internet and commercial free, you may never see commercial free shows like this again if Netflix fails somehow or gives up and starts commercials. Do not think all other entertainment options do not watch how Netflix does. for 9.99 Netflix is a super bargain, people do not know what they have till it is gone.

Comment I would cancel if they started with ads! (Score 1) 316

This is me for sure, I have paid for a Netflix account for years before I started using it.
I felt it was worth it to support a company that I thought was changing the way we watched media and the way we pay for video entertainment, and really they have! But if they started commercials I am out, that is the main thing I love about Netflix. I am so sick of the dumb commercials on TV and being bombarded with ads on everything, I love the fact I can just sit and watch shows until I am done without interruption. It may be hard to Netflix to resist ads, it is not just ads either, they have a database about what type of media you like to watch and that would make buyers pay much more for ads based on what you like I am sure. But if they cross the line I will cancel just to show them I mean it.

Comment Multicast? (Score 1) 113

I could go one about this stuff, but to make it short, I am surprised that they would want customers to stream everything to boxes that most likely are not able to do multicast stream joins. Current cable technologies like SDV do something similar to IP multicast streams being joined at the edge, just in a really bad way using new QAM frequencies per stream, but if they just used settop boxes that did IP multicast joins directly to the network it would way be better and still save tons of bandwidth.
Most people that have Roku boxes are behind NAT routers that most likely do not forward multicast packets via PIM/IGMP so every stream they watch is a entirely new unicast stream of bandwidth, when big events happen like a sporting event the bandwidth would be multiplied by how ever many people are watching that stream instead of sharing the stream with multicast, seems like a HUGE waste of bandwidth to me.

Comment I get tons of robo and scams on work cell (Score 1) 253

I get a ton of robo and scams on my work cell phone for some reason, happens a ton.
I get they guys that call and ask me if I am in front of my PC all the time and I mess with them when I feel like it.
But honestly what I want to know is why law enforcement does nothing about these calls, some are total scams and should be 100% illegal.
How hard would it be to setup a phone number that has no real use outside of a honeypot for call spam? so if someone is calling it they are more than likely not legit. then record and take them down ASAP.
Why is this not a issue, they are trying to scam money for innocent people all the time, I would hope they would be prosecuted, are they all outside the US or something so it makes it impossible? Most of the calls look like they are come from a local number when they are trying to scam out I found.

Comment Re:Nostradamus time (Score 1) 51

What "shitty social networks" are you referring too?
It is normal for money to be invested in VR and AR companies, no one knows what company will be at the forefront of the tech when it completely matures, but everyone knows that some company will be leader and that company will be seeing a ton of growth.
AR has a ton of potential for many different uses, but I think beyond the optics we are still years away at being able to create the software needed to merge our surroundings with software that can really understand what it is seeing and display back critical information about what it sees. VR should see thing happen faster with things like games that can already today be pretty amazing and will only get better.
But there is no doubt it is coming and quick, so people will invest now.

Comment Re:Not a surprise (Score 2) 265

Exactly, welcome to the World Wide Web people!
10-15 years ago when every company was getting their first firewall, I used to manage 100's of firewall for many companies. First thing that people would do is call me complain about the firewall logs showing all the port scans (mostly from Asia), this stuff goes on all the time, nothing you can really do about it, block on subnet they will use another. Unless you are getting DDOS'ed then you are fine. I good firewall will not send back a reject, but instead drop the packet so they can no detect you are there at all.

Comment Re:FUD at least sort of. (Score 1) 199

I have posted something like this before, but I think there need to be a company that certifies devices like home microphones and cameras and stamps them with approval if they follow certain ways of engineering these devices. For instance I would like to see these devices basically tie a external LED to com on or off via a electronic relay that is tied directly to the power of the mic and the camera. So if I wanted to install cameras inside my house that only come on when my alarm is going off, I would know they minute they come on by having a very bright LED that is saying "YOUR CAMERA IS ON" and if off the power is off. If you used right hardware and did this correctly there were be a zero percent chance that even a hacker could compromise the camera and turn the camera on with out the LED also being on. I do not trust the makers of these devices and I also do not trust that a hacker can not get in and watch also.
I currently have IP cameras outside my house, but if someone hacked them I would not be too worried if they want to watch my driveway.

Comment Re:That won't last long... (Score 1) 818

I thought the clock looked enough like a bomb to at least have it checked out. I think I could have been able to tell myself, but if someone protecting my child's school thinks something looks sort of like a bomb, I hope they check it out before letting it go myself. And I am not a "Islamophobe" at all, I just think when it comes to bombs and schools it is better to be safe than sorry, and no excuses are needed.

Comment Re:Release now patch later give CEO big bonus (Score 1) 367

That is true, but to be honest, most gamers should understand by now that when you buy a game on the day it comes out you understand you want it sooner and are willing to deal with some bugs. If you want bugs fixed wait and buy the game months after release when they have had some patches.
For instance I bought FO4 knowing there would be bugs, but if I am going to buy the game eventually I might of well check it out now and wait for some patches to come in to play most the game.

Comment I think everyone agrees (Score 1) 25

I think everyone wants better tracking, I mean I even think Oculus would agree that V2 might have something better, but this is a version 1, calm down things are all going to change and get better over and like comparing cell phone abilities. I am sure I will be getting a Oculus CV1 when it comes out, I really do not have the room for the VIVE myself, but I can not say I would not buy one in the future sometime on version 2 or something.

Comment Re:It's not just the criminal justice system. (Score 2) 245

The first time I got drug tested by a job I was trying to get it was in a small doctors office, years later when I had to do the same thing again for another job it was in a drug testing facility that tests hundreds of people all the time like herding cattle.
Testing companies have convinced employers that you can not afford to NOT test your employees, it could make you look bad in the press and cause bigger issues later.
It is all a bunch a bullshit and they need to leave people allot, stop wasting money on testing everyone, that even goes for people on well fair as far as I am concerned it is a waste of money and a invasion of privacy.

Comment Re:Another example of bloat (Score 1) 309

This game ran great on my XBOX ONE console. I game mostly on my PC with a GTX780ti. But I take my XBOX ONE with my when I got on vacation and this year played Batman and this game is truly amazing looking and played great on the XBOX. I was amazed at how well the game let me drive the Bat Mobile around the city so fast and never had a stutter or slow down really.

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