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Comment Re:Wireless is not a replacement (Score 1) 108

Exactly, something is always going to be better than nothing, and some places will no doubt be very happy with good wireless access.
But the hope here was for Google fiber to actually compete with the current entrenched infrastructure and give many people a second real choice.
A wired connection that is much faster, not as susceptible to interference and environmental issues, will always be a better option than wireless for most people especially as everyone's internet connection gets more and more important with almost all services being delivered via that one connection.

Comment Re:Smoking gun of theft or go home (Score 1) 136

This has everything to do with when and where Carmack wrote the code for the Rift I think. I am pretty sure Carmack did not have the standard agreement that most of us get when we work for a big company. idsoftware was bought by Zenimax and Carmack came along with it, but even lots of tech companies the head guy might have a very special agreement different than others in the company. Carmack worked of Aerospace and other things on the side not owned by Zenimax at all. As long as he was good at keeping these things seperate, he might have some wording in his contract that will be on his side.

Comment Access to his home! (Score 1) 100

Now we know we can hold a picture from that video of his parents up to his door camera and have access to his house!
Actually I think Mark is smarter than most people of Facebook give him credit for, it is not always the smartest people in the world that make the most money, and money is not the best way to grade people on how smart they are, but that does not make the guy an idiot. I would say he is much more tech savoy than many of the CEO of major tech companies and at least he seem to have a vision of were he wants to take the company even if you do not agree with it.

Comment Re:Why does MS care which browser is used? (Score 1) 123

Easy! Many default features send data to Microsoft to improve your browsing experience. Even if you have Google as the default search provider they have features that offer suggestions, I assume this is sending data to MS. IT ALL ABOUT WHO OWNS THE DATA! INFORMATION IS POWER IS MONEY!

Comment Re:I"m a liberal socialist (Score 1) 805

Can some point to a a statement (An actual link) by Trump where he mentioned H1B? I never heard anything about it, I did hear about people coming to take our jobs, but it always seemed to me he was reaching out to rural areas that are more hurt by Mexican's. Never heard him say anything about people from India coming in on H1B's which I think is an issue.

Comment Re: Equal amounts? (Score 2) 338

First of all the DNC is setup with Super Delegates to basically allow selected people inside the democratic party to have much more power than regular voters during the nomination for this very reason, they do not want the party high jacked by a disguised 3rd party candidate, to think they do not coordinate between super delegates would be naive, but it still does not make it impossible for a candidate not selected by the super delegates to win, they would just have to win by a very big margin. We saw the republican party come out loud and clear about trying to get rid of Trump before he won the nomination, they did the same thing the DNC was doing but out loud.
But the real issue here is, that if you hacked every politicians email account in the USA I think you would have a really good chance to find the same or way worse than anything that Wikileaks has released, regardless of what party you are for, you got to admit something is not right when one side has all the internal conversations released and the other does not. You are always going to find things like this if you try hard enough, I am sure both parties say negative things about the other side and even its own followers behind closed doors. If they had found some kind of smoking gun and wanted to release it, I am fine with that, but what they released and the way they released it, to me seemed like they were just trying to sway peoples minds more than do justice.

Comment Re:Meh. (Score 1) 843

No doubt, it is sad that all this BS about Hillary, sure she is far from perfect, but she will get done lots of things I agree with, you do not have to love her. Trump is a idiot, and might as well be a casino owning mafia leader running. I get people do not like politicians and would love to vote in an outsider too, but Trump is the best we can do? how about next time I will vote for an outsider if we can find someone that is half way intelligent. Sean Penn for president or something. Someone that has knowledge and can not make us all look bad. As far as burning the system down to prove a point, you must be a youngster cause I am 45 and have way too much to lose to just say fuck it, lets watch the system burn! WTF

Comment Re:Some sensible things (Score 2) 168

Not if the switch was inline with the microphone circuit, not everything can be bypassed in software. If you put a switch in line with the connection directly coming from the microphone(s) then they are disabled.
I mentioned this years ago and still think there should be security standards for microphones and cameras that basically say if yo meet certain specs you are a secure deice, that would include hard cut off switches and lights that are always on when the switch is closed to show you can be seen or heard.

Comment Re:It's A Bargain (Score 1) 460

Yea people better watch it, I used to buy Netflix before I even watched it because it is a big deal, Netflix shows that people want streamed video over then internet and commercial free, you may never see commercial free shows like this again if Netflix fails somehow or gives up and starts commercials. Do not think all other entertainment options do not watch how Netflix does. for 9.99 Netflix is a super bargain, people do not know what they have till it is gone.

Comment I would cancel if they started with ads! (Score 1) 316

This is me for sure, I have paid for a Netflix account for years before I started using it.
I felt it was worth it to support a company that I thought was changing the way we watched media and the way we pay for video entertainment, and really they have! But if they started commercials I am out, that is the main thing I love about Netflix. I am so sick of the dumb commercials on TV and being bombarded with ads on everything, I love the fact I can just sit and watch shows until I am done without interruption. It may be hard to Netflix to resist ads, it is not just ads either, they have a database about what type of media you like to watch and that would make buyers pay much more for ads based on what you like I am sure. But if they cross the line I will cancel just to show them I mean it.

Comment Multicast? (Score 1) 113

I could go one about this stuff, but to make it short, I am surprised that they would want customers to stream everything to boxes that most likely are not able to do multicast stream joins. Current cable technologies like SDV do something similar to IP multicast streams being joined at the edge, just in a really bad way using new QAM frequencies per stream, but if they just used settop boxes that did IP multicast joins directly to the network it would way be better and still save tons of bandwidth.
Most people that have Roku boxes are behind NAT routers that most likely do not forward multicast packets via PIM/IGMP so every stream they watch is a entirely new unicast stream of bandwidth, when big events happen like a sporting event the bandwidth would be multiplied by how ever many people are watching that stream instead of sharing the stream with multicast, seems like a HUGE waste of bandwidth to me.

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