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Comment Re:Then live in the city??? (Score 1) 381

Exactly, I chose to move rural (central ontario).. For a long time we had no broadband, i knew that when I moved.... guess how much I missed it? hardly at all... the inability to download Southpark torrents at 500k didn't real hurt my moral... the reason I moved rural was to enjoy the rural setting... spending a month downloading 300gb seems goofy.... why move to a nice rural setting if you are going to be sitting infront of a computer in all your spare time.... heres a hint to OP... set your desktop background to a picture of my backyard... available on request.

Comment Re:Quick, dig out that bomb shelter! (Score 1) 64

it isnt, but its not a disadvantage either...being able to commision and customize devices is important to the enterprise... apple knew, that if they wanted to compete in that market, they had to allow it... and they did... so they can... it doesnt make apple better, the story is, they arent *worse..

* They might be worse, but for the sake of discussion, my point remains.

Comment Re:Why the sex offenders registration? (Score 1) 584

Yes I agree with you.. I live in a small town, and grew up in a small town... The kiss however, from a stranger is wierd... its not like they knew this guy at all.. ofcourse, i wasnt there, i dont know how it went down... part of me wonders why he had to bring the kid back, and the parents didnt get him... as a father of a young'n he doesnt get to wander freely, im right behind him.. and dont let him stray from my property unless im sure the neighbours dont care... again, i wasnt there, i dont know... all i know is the kiss was wierd enough for the parents to feel threatened and call the police... it doesnt change the fact that, this guy retaliated by commiting a sex crime... downloading and uploading CP, as far as I know, is a sex crime... and since its technically commited against a minor (the C in CP) it is classified as a dangerous offense... So I would expect it stand up to appeal.

Comment Re:Why the sex offenders registration? (Score 1) 584

Yes I will agree to that... he may not be a pedophile... but that doesnt make him not guilty of a sex crime, as described by the court... the reason he commited the act doesnt matter.. he knew it was illegal, he did it anyways (talking about the CP)... thats all it takes to get on the registry.. had he not been caught and succesfully framed his neighbour, and he neighbour was convicted of CP, then his neighbour would be on the registry... lucky for the neighbour it backfired and he landed himself on the registry... I dont feel bad for him for a second, imagine the thought (and im sure it happens) that the innocent neighbour got convicted and had a life long designation as a sex offender, possibly ruining his marriage, and losing all access to his child... he gets what he deserved

Comment Re:Why the sex offenders registration? (Score 1) 584

okay, ill give you that.. like I posted in another reply, the Pedo moniker may not fit this particular case... but he broke the law by downloading, and uploading child pornography... therefor he is a sex offender in the eyes of the court.. the reason for commiting the crime doesnt change the fact that he commited the crime... I think its important to understand, its not illegal to have a sexual interest in children, however, it is illegal to act on those interests... however, that doesnt make downloading and uploading CP less of a crime if he isnt interested in children... he went looking for CP, he found CP, he uploaded CP.. the court doesnt care if he was aroused or not, fact is he commited a crime, and part of the punishment of that crime is being labelled an offender.

Comment Re:Why the sex offenders registration? (Score 1) 584

Yes I agree that the title Pedophile *may* not be waranted, but in regards to be on the list as to be aware of a potential danger.. Would you want to live next door to this guy? I think it all boils down to, like I said above, he was convicted of child pornography... it shouldnt matter if he got a boner or not... he knew it was illegal (since his intent was to frame), he did it anyways, he got caught... "i downloaded child porn to be an asshole to my neighbour" is not valid excuse.

Comment Re:Why the sex offenders registration? (Score 1) 584

I dont see the problem with taking eye-witness accounts of alleged innapropriate touching of a child, combined with proof of (and confession of) downloading, and uploading child pornography as a solid reason this guy belongs on the list. To me, the charge is one count of accessing, and one count of making available, explicit images of children... The alleged inapropriate touching of a child just adds his already shady character, and demonstrates a history. Whether or not he got a boner has nothing to do with it.

Disclaimer: I am talking about the guy in the story, not Combatso

Comment Re:Why the sex offenders registration? (Score 1) 584

I did consider both the word and the signature.. As evidenced, he admits retaliation for them calling the cops after he kissed their son, then admits to downloading child pornography to upload to this guys fake myspace page.. Downloading child pornography + kissing a child = Pedo in my books... Plus, (IANAL), but I believe the act of downloading child pornography is a sex crime in many jurisdictions, the idea being, that if there wasnt a consumer of the material, there wouldnt be creators.. barring the fallacy of that, its how the registry works... and I have no problem with the punishment and classification this guy has to deal with

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