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Comment Re:Legality? (Score 2) 290

I am a non-USAian why you find the current president lacking in backbone military wise. This even considering he went after Bin Laden in Pakistan without informing or getting permission from Pakistan a clear violation of their sovereignty and quite possible an act of war against Pakistan.

He even did something similar in Somalia to free hostages from capture by pirates. (Although no one would probably complain about that, since Somalia is not even close to being a functioning state)

To me it seems he has more backbone than most Presidents of the USA. It seem however he does it smarter, going after the right people instead of trying to invade entire nations.

Comment Re:Its Life.Jim, but not as we know it (Score 1) 174

Yeah, it most likely is a regional thing. In Denmark (and i believe it similar in the rest of the nordic countries) we refer to it as Ecological, or in danish Økologisk. Often these products are then prefixed with Øko in normal conversation, but it is similar til ot he german use of Bio, or indeed "organic" products from english speaking countries. In Denmark these products can additionally be goverment certified as "Øko" with a nice red mark on the packaging: (in danish, sorry)

Comment Re:I can't read Dutch... (Score 1) 143

Actually, this has happened in the danish parliament as well a few times.

Since nobody can be experts on all subjects the danish representatives usually follow the spokesperson on the topic of the legislation thats being voted for. If they accidentally hit the wrong button the voting machine, the rest might follow.

Comment Re:Interesting trend. (Score 1) 192

This interesting. 5683, 2580, 0852 don't seem to have any special significance, they aren't even a particular pattern on the keypad, nor especially natural to punch in, ie right handed, using your thumb.

Actually 2580 and 0852 is the middle row of keys from top to bottom or vice versa. I agree with the strangeness of 5683 though.

Comment Re:I am a Silverlight Developer (Score 1) 580

If anyone had seriously looked at it, they would have realized that Silverlight only really works under Windows. Yes, I know about Moonlight, but simply reading the WikiPedia article about it [] will tell you that what works under Silverlight will not necessarily also work under Moonlight.

Actually, when he referred to cross platform. I believe he was saying OS X and Windows, which are both rather well supported. I agree completely with Moonlight being completely useless though.

Comment Re:I don't get it. . . (Score 1) 76

Not exactly. They are running on a rather low budget almost exclusively from what people donate. A lot of the stuff they have gotten has been donated by the manufacturing them. This isn't a a rich kid having fun, this is two nerdy danish engineers trying something crazy.

They are launching from sea to also escape a lot regulation in Denmark which would have to be followed with a launch on land.

Comment Re:DRM doesn't work (Score 1) 399

keep having to point this out to people, time and time again: broadcasting and DRM are mutually exclusively incompatible. Free Software people recognise this, and anyone who fails to recognise it is just plain dumb. or is being paid to pretend to be dumb.

Well, i think the proponents of DRM solutions mostly recognize that it is not a perfect solution, it can however be effective at keeping the copying of content to a minimum. It is all about minimizing piracy for the movie studios, they know they can't completely get rid of it. Even if they could get rid of it, then who would they blame for shitty revenue ;)

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