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Comment Re:Antarctica... (Score 0) 231

Nope. SG-1 transported the Giza gate to Thor's ship to escape the replicators, that ship subsequently crashed into the ocean with the stargate onboard, it was assumed lost. The Anarctic gate was taken out of storage and setup at the SGC to take its place. Later it was found out that the Russians were running a second Stargate program by timing the arrival and departure of their teams and connecting the DHD that was found by the Germans. Eventually they agreed to stop that program. The gate Anubis blew up was the original Anarctic gate that was installed at the SGC. The USA then bargained with Russia to lease the original Giza gate and have it installed at the SGC after they flew the Anarctic gate out on a 302.

Comment Re:Don't use bootcamp, but I use Fusion (Score 0) 396

Yea you're right, a Mac laptop with a 9400m, 2.4ghz processor, western digital hard drive and 73 watt hour battery is totally different than a PC with a 9400m, 2.4ghz processor, western digital hard drive and 73 watt hour battery. OS X apparently now has the ability to tap Zero Point Energy to keep the laptop going and Apple didn't include that driver in bootcamp. You'll never get a direct comparison, but similar hardware running the same os should have somewhat similar battery life. If it doesn't, the only other variable would be the drivers Apple provides for BC. Of course its much easier to just say its Windows 7's fault.

Comment Re:Don't use bootcamp, but I use Fusion (Score 0) 396

I have the same problem when using Fusion with my MBP. I was at the airport the other day and had about 1hr of battery when using Fusion. When I had left the house I had a fully charged battery (about 3.5 hours now). I'm going to blame Apple on this one. MBPs use the same chipsets, processors, ram, hard drives, etc that tons of other laptops do, there's no reason why Windows should use so much more battery life compared to OSX. I didn't RTFA so maybe they did this, but a simple test would be to take a windows laptop and a mac laptop with similar stats, load up windows 7 on them and see what happens. It should be similar if its a windows problem. And it isn't even a race at this point, if the windows laptop gets something like 4 hours 10 mintues and the mac gets 4 hours 30 minutes, then they're still similar. If the windows laptop gets 4 hours 10 minutes and the mac gets 2 hours, something is up.

Comment Re:Perhaps (Score 0) 898

Lets scale things down by 5x. So if you saw a car speeding towards a red light at 60mph while he was 20 meters away while being chased by a cop, you'd start driving through the intersection? Its not that New Yorkers constantly worry about a plane running into another building on a day to day basis. But when you see a plane being followed by a F-16 while flying 1000 ft above the city (most commercial aircraft are at 8k+ around the city) while flying erratically you start putting the possible pieces of the puzzle together. Nobody really cares that the people who stayed in the second tower after the first was hit "had a grip". Oh no, the terrorists have won.

Comment Re:We are a bunch (Score 0, Troll) 898

Are you from the city? Were you here for the attacks? No I bet you weren't. I'll even go as far as to say that the biggest impact the 9/11 attacks had on you didn't get to watch Days of Our Lives because the news was on that day. Planes don't fly low around the city normally, they certainly aren't escorted by F-16s. To look into the sky in NYC and see not just a plane but a low flying 747 and not just a 747 but a 747 being trailed by a F-16 around the city would scare the crap out of anybody who was here for the attacks and rightly so. Maybe next time you should think of what it would be like to watch seven of your friends die as a building collapsed around them. Then maybe you wouldn't be so quick to act like you wouldn't have done the same thing when placed in the same situation. Fucking tool.

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