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Hardware Hacking

Hacking Asus EEE 150

An anonymous reader writes "Torsten Lyngaas has published a set of instructions with photographs on his personal wiki that describe the steps he took to install $450 worth of extra hardware, including a GPS receiver, an FM transmitter, Bluetooth, extra USB ports, 802.11n, and an extra 4GB flash storage drive."

Submission + - Powerhouse player blesses Google Apps

netbuzz writes: "Powerhouse player blesses Google Apps

This one had to get their attention in Redmond: heavyweight systems integrator Capgemini, a worldwide IT buying influencer for major corporations, has given its seal of approval to Google Apps as an option for the enterprise. This nod comes at a time when assessments of the enterprise-worthiness of Google Apps have been all over the map, including one from a Burton Group analyst warning that adopting the suite prematurely could be a "career-limiting move for network architects."


Submission + - Skype blames Microsoft Patch Tuesday for Outage (skype.com)

brajesh writes: "Skype has blamed its outage over the last week on Microsoft's Patch Tuesday. FTA — "The abnormally high number of restarts affected Skype's network resources. This caused a flood of log-in requests, which, combined with the lack of peer-to-peer network resources, prompted a chain reaction that had a critical impact." Previsously, it was speculated that Skype outage may have been caused by a Russian hack attempt. Further FTA- "The issue has now been identified explicitly within Skype. We can confirm categorically that no malicious activities were attributed or that our users' security was not, at any point, at risk." Butterfly effect?"

Submission + - First look: Firefox 3 alpha 5 (pcworld.com)

abhinav_pc writes: PC World is reporting that Mozilla today made an early testing release of its Firefox 3 browser available for download, and this alpha version (code-named Gran Paradiso) for the first time adds the anticipated Places feature for bookmarks. Firefox 3 alpha 5 also features a new password manager. A new crash reporting system called Breakpad is also now available in some Mac OS X and Windows builds but is not yet supported on Linux.

Submission + - How Microsoft could crush Google in one easy step.

An anonymous reader writes: http://www.reluctantblogger.com/2007/04/how-micros oft-could-crush-google-in-one.html

It's interesting, but I think there's a much easier and faster method that Microsoft could use to more effectively "kill" Google tomorrow if they so chose.

It's more than a little bit evil — - but on the other hand, I never heard Microsoft promise that they wouldn't be.

So what is it?

The height of simplicity. Introduce an integrated ad-blocker to Windows (purely as a customer service, of course) that blocks all Google ads in both IE and Firefox.
User Journal

Journal Journal: conscieness explained

I just put the book away; Conscieness explained by Denett. Why? Because I marvel at the complexity and depth of the human mind, even such a simple one as my own mind. It took me 10 years to regain the awe for nature after 5 years of dissecting it at university. One quote at the start of chapter one made me think about that: "we kill to dissect". My dissecting days over, at least, on phenomena of the living world.
Let me dissect a problem with software anytime. Scalpel please...


Submission + - Creative in Vista-driver apology storm

Shemmie writes: Anyone following Creatives progress at creating sound drivers for Vista will have noted it's been a long and convoluted history. Their support forum is filled with angry and confused customers, some of whom have simply given up waiting for fully working driver release. A thread about contacting Customer Support got closed.

One of their moderators apparently apologized to the angry mob for Creatives SNAFU at dealing with this — and promptly had his message, and replies to his message taken down in an apparent "Over-ruled" decision by Creative.

What is going on at Creative?
Wireless Networking

Submission + - Coolest Use Of Citywide Wireless Network

Anonymous Coward writes: "There is an interesting contest being run by Tropos Network for the "Coolest Use Of Citywide Wi-Fi". The contest is interestingly unique and the prices are catchy!
The prices are 1 17-inch Apple Mac Book Pro and 12 Sony Mylos!!
I don't know if slashdotters have been paying attention to citywide wireless networks but they are becoming common place (Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, St Cloud, Corpus Christy, Anaheim, Philly, Portland, Tucson... the list goes on and on).
The contestants need to submit a picture that shows some cool way of using the Citywide wi-fi network. Details are on http://www.tropos.com/contest
[Couldn't find an appropriate section for this. Moderators, please correct if the post fits better to some other section.]"

Submission + - cingular voicemail hack

gomez writes: "i have no idea where to let people know about this. but i'm loyal to slashhdot so why not here?

i'm an admin for a call center and i was messing around with caller id the other day. i remember dialing voicemail by pressing 1 on my cingular cell phone and getting straight in w/ out a verification of password. well i thought, what if i can change my outbound ISDN caller ID on my landline phone to a friends phone, figuring that if the mechanism is only checking caller ID why not fake it? it totally worked. i was in my friends voicemail checking his messages.

i thought, well who has the power to change caller id? only admins right? well i checked the client app for use with our PBX, and lo and behold they of course (with certain user privileges) have the power to change outbound caller ID on the fly. I think most phone systems these days in a business environment allow a user to do so, but again only if they have the privileges.

cingular has already been notified about this, i just thought i'd light the fire under their arses.

check your phone software to see if you can change your outbound caller id.. i bet you see the same result.

    — gomez"

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