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Comment Re:Inheriting from grandparents? (Score -1, Troll) 643

One of the less discussed aspects of the 'whole millenials are poor' debate is 'Where did the grandparents' money go?' Specifically we need to recognise that the property does descend through families, and that grandparents should be giving it to the younger generation if their kids are well established. It's not the whole answer, but will reduce the pain for some - as long as the grandparents think this through.

Handouts? Seriously? That is the problem, they don't want to work. Let them learn to work and earn their wealth as I did.


A Hyper-Velocity Impact In the Asteroid Belt? 114

astroengine writes "Astronomers have spotted something rather odd in the asteroid belt. It looks like a comet, but it's got a circular orbit, similar to an asteroid. Whether it's an asteroid or a comet, it has a long, comet-like tail, suggesting something is being vented into space. Some experts think it could be a very rare comet/asteroid hybrid being heated by the sun, but there's an even more exciting possibility: It could be the first ever observation of two asteroids colliding in the asteroid belt."
PlayStation (Games)

US Air Force Buying Another 2,200 PS3s 144

bleedingpegasus sends word that the US Air Force will be grabbing up 2,200 new PlayStation 3 consoles for research into supercomputing. They already have a cluster made from 336 of the old-style (non-Slim) consoles, which they've used for a variety of purposes, including "processing multiple radar images into higher resolution composite images (known as synthetic aperture radar image formation), high-def video processing, and 'neuromorphic computing.'" According to the Justification Review Document (DOC), "Once the hardware configuration is implemented, software code will be developed in-house for cluster implementation utilizing a Linux-based operating software."

Comment I can't believe the naysayers (Score 1) 609

It is unbelievable the arguments against this. Fighter aircraft have been controlled by joysticks for years. The argument concerning power steering failure is plain BS. I'm now 56 and I have experienced power steering failure once in my life and the car let me know it was coming well ahead of the actual failure. MTBF is very high and not an issue.

This is way overdue.


Submission + - RIAA victim Jammie Thomas gets a new lawyer! (

newtley writes: "Only days after learning Brian Toder, her previous legal representative, had decided discretion was the better part of valour, leaving her fend for herself against the RIAA, Jammie Thomas says another lawyer has come forward with an offer of pro bono help. He's K.A.D. Camara from Camara & Sibley in Houston, Texas, says Jammie. And, "He's the youngest person in history to graduate from Harvard Law school with honors," she points out. Nor will her trial — or, rather, her retrial — be delayed, as was expected. It'll now go forward in June 15, as slated. "I'm so happy !" — Jammie said. That didn't take long. :)"

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