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Comment Re:Once Every Few Years (Score 1) 249

Yeah they made a movie about creepy guys like that, it's called Old School, and it was hilarious. This may not be Hollywood, but people over the age of 30 are allowed to have a sense of humor I hope. Especially if they work in the Tech industry, then it almost seems like it comes with the territory.

(In case anyone thinks that statement is personal, I'm 24.)

Comment Re:Uhhh, well, that's about 6 buckets of retarded (Score 2, Insightful) 537

Agreed. You can't comply with something that is an absolute impossibility. You could order someone to walk off a cliff without falling, but even if they're willing to do it, they can only follow your orders up to the point that they're off the cliff, then they will fall no matter what you said and how you said it. Likewise, if people in Brazil are being Taxed to this extent, they can only comply with those taxes that they can afford to comply with and still maintain the means to live. As for the rest... Well that's falling off the cliff, isn't it.

Submission + - Dark energy lurks in hidden spatial dimensions? ( 1

Magdalene writes: "According to Stephen Battersby of the news service; The mysterious cosmic presence called dark energy, which is accelerating the expansion of the universe, might be lurking in hidden dimensions of space. This idea would explain how the dimensions of space remain stable — one of the biggest problems for the unified scheme of physics called 'string theory'. In the article, Brian Greene and Janna Levin of Columbia University liken the extra dimensions, including our our own 3d universe to membranes in higher dimensional space, they suggest that a "sterile neutrino" could exist in the extra dimensions, making its presence felt only as the source of dark energy.

There is no word yet on whether or not Sphere or Square are available for comment.


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