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Journal Journal: They do not speak for me

The PLO says that

All Palestinians are willing

To be suicide bombers


That Israel must yield before this threat.

But I see the faces on TV,

See the horror and smoke and death,

And I know they must be lying.

There has to be someone,

One man - just one! -

A Palestinian who says,

"You do not speak for me.

There has been enough death.

You do not speak for me."

There has to be that one man - just one!

If there isn't, we are damned.

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Journal Journal: I really, really hate the world right now 2

Goddamnit. Poor damn Israelis. They try to retaliate to terrorists attacks, it doesn't work. They try turning the other cheek, that doesn't work. You know there was another attack today? Yah, some sort of passover service. 15 people dead, more probably going to die. Some suicide bomber snuck in dressed as a Red Crescent worker - their version of the Red Cross.

What the hell can they do for peace now? The Israelis can't give the Palestinians all of what they want. Some of it, yes - but they need that buffer zone!

You want to know what I think? Well, you wouldn't be here if you didn't, so I'll tell you: I think this crap is just going to keep going on until someone pushes the button - decided to lob a tactical nuke into a Palestinian camp or city. And then...and then things will get worse.

For those of you not in Israel right now, who are safe and happy with your families - happy Passover. May you stay safe and happy.

And to those who are in Israel right now: Good luck, and I hope you can somehow have a happy passover.


Journal Journal: Sophie's World CDROM game now abandonware

Just thought I'd mention that www.the-underdogs.org now has Sophie's World available for download. It's a very nice philosphy edutainment game, with a comprehensive reference thrown in. I'll download it as soon as I get cable internet access. :-)


Journal Journal: Killing-based goodness!

www.fas.org has a truly disturbing amount of information on nuclear weapons, nerve gas, and biological weapons. Also tactical and strategic doctrines for a large number of countries. I used it for my physics paper. Now I cannot sleep. READ WITH CAUTION.

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Journal Journal: Hi, new viewer! 1

Oh dear. What have I done? What have I done?

A few minutes ago, I actually told someone about this journal. A friend.

Now one knows. And if she tells one person, and that person tells just one more - just one, mind you, just one - then soon many will know.

People in my school. Other friends. This is a bad thing. And the worst part is, I was told - I was warned that telling friends about an online journal can be dangerous. But did I listen? No, of course not.

Sometimes, I worry myself with my own foolishness.

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Journal Journal: Nukes! Huh? What are they good for?

For my physics thesis paper, I am writing about the way the threat of Mutually Assured Destruction has acted as a moderating force on international relations in the twentieth century. I don't want to do like that kid way back when who used Ask Slashdot to try to do his homework for him, but I would be interesting in any thoughts or resources you could suggest.


Journal Journal: Cheap, Semi-Decent Walmart PCs sans OS 2

Just saw a blurb on the Register and checked it out myself - Walmart is selling Duron 1ghz Microtel systems with 128mb of ram for $399, sans windows and monitor. The hard drive is only 5400RPM, the integrated video card is nothing to write home about - but the price is certainly right, and while there are no AGP slots, you can still get decent performance from a PCI card. This is far from a screaming LAN party rig, but for a poor high school student looking for a college machine, this does not look bad. And even with the limited RAM and video capabilities it ships with, a 1Ghz Duron goes a long, long way.

Journal Journal: Keyghost Keystroke Loggers 2

"Why do birds suddenly appear/ whenever/ you are near?" I'm in love, ladies, gentlemen, and slashdotters. In love with the nicest little keystroke loggers you ever did see, the keyghosts (www.keyghost.com). These little bundles of Big Brother joy look just like some sort of PS/2 adaptor or extension cable, and can store 500kb of EVERYTHING that is typed on the keyboard.

You could swap these babies onto a person's box in 10 seconds, tops, and a nontechnical user would never notice. I'll be getting one of these soon - I wonder if I can use it to get teacher passwords at my high school? Shouldn't be too hard - just wander into the room when a teacher isn't there, plug in a keyghost, and walk away. Pointless fun, that.

Advice for anyone using this, though: if possible, you should use the keyghost with some sort of logging software as well. That gives you redundancy, and if someone gets suspicious they will tend to look for a software-based logger, find it, and go away happy. Just a thought.
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Journal Journal: Heisenberg-based Coolness

Sometimes - not often, but sometimes - I'm really, really glad I live in New Hampshire. Tonight there was a performance of Copenhagen in Concord. You may know the play - it's about the meeting in Sept. 1941 between Werner Heisenberg and Niels Bohr in Nazi-occupied Copanhagen. Bohr ended up working for the Manhatten Project, Heisenberg ran the German A-bomb (and later, atomic reactor) program.

The play itself is...well...interesting. Three people are sitting in a room, talking about the responsibility of scientists in wartime. That's the play, and you love it or hate it. I left at intermission - not so much because I didn't like the play, but because the guy playing Heisenberg spoke way too fast.

The cooler part, though, was what happened before the play. Joachim Heisenberg is the son of Werner Heisenberg and a prof at UNH Durham, and he had a 40-min question and answer session before the play. Highlights:
-NHPR's Laura Connoi was running the session, and referred to Werner Heisenberg as the man in charge of the German fusion program during WWII. -Something that really struck em that prof. Heisenberg said: "We don't know what was really said at that time...truth is something that cannot be reconstructed without specific evidence."

Maybe I'll add more stuff later, but it's late and I want to go to bed. Suffice to say, this guy is cool. That in and of itself is enough to make me doubt his father was really working as hard as he could to give the Nazis an A-Bomb - I don't believe a total bastard is capable of raising a cool kid. On that note, goodnight my fellow Slashdotters, and peace until the morrow.
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Journal Journal: Yes, this journal is redundant 1

So, I finally decided to bite the bullet and start a journal today. I don't really know why, but I am. I blame peer pressure - a lot of my friends have Blogs, and I figured "why not?"

Other entries will be better, I promise. I really can write. Really.

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