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Journal ColGraff's Journal: I really, really hate the world right now 2

Goddamnit. Poor damn Israelis. They try to retaliate to terrorists attacks, it doesn't work. They try turning the other cheek, that doesn't work. You know there was another attack today? Yah, some sort of passover service. 15 people dead, more probably going to die. Some suicide bomber snuck in dressed as a Red Crescent worker - their version of the Red Cross.

What the hell can they do for peace now? The Israelis can't give the Palestinians all of what they want. Some of it, yes - but they need that buffer zone!

You want to know what I think? Well, you wouldn't be here if you didn't, so I'll tell you: I think this crap is just going to keep going on until someone pushes the button - decided to lob a tactical nuke into a Palestinian camp or city. And then...and then things will get worse.

For those of you not in Israel right now, who are safe and happy with your families - happy Passover. May you stay safe and happy.

And to those who are in Israel right now: Good luck, and I hope you can somehow have a happy passover.

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I really, really hate the world right now

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