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Submission + - Vista - Ubuntu Install Comparison

Cokeisbomb writes: "Andrew Thomas, at the Inqurier has recently installed both Vista and the latest version of Ubuntu on his desktop and has compared the install process and initial setup. Although he has been using computers for 30+ years, his findings were different than what many of us might expect. From the article: "Well, I've only been playing with computers since 1972 and I couldn't make it work. Linux can see the Windows boxes and vice versa, but any attempt to access files is met with a login dialogue box that refuses any username and password I enter. So I've done what any normal person would do in the circumstances — give up"."

Submission + - MagSafe Connectors Fraying Quickly

Cokeisbomb writes: "I picked up a MacBook Pro is early september, and after about a 3 months I noticed that the cord began to fray and become not nearly as stable as it was on Day One. The problem slowly got worse until recently when it got to the point that I have to rearrange the cord for a few minutes at a time and hope it makes a good connection. I have searched apples forums and google to see if anyone else has had the same issue, but it was to no avail. I wanted to put this question out there to the rest of the community and to see if I was an unlucky soul who overused their MagSafe adapter or if there was a serious design flaw in my precious MBP."

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