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Comment It would be nice to be able to use only one (Score 1) 464

I know my girlfriend only uses Firefox, but on my desktop running Ubunto 8.10 I can't use Firefox for my flash, and Opera doesn't keep the visit history the way I like it. I bounce back between Chrome, Opera, and Firefox on my Eee, too, and that runs Windows XP.

If one of these browsers worked well enough, I'd be happy to only use the one at a time.

Comment But who really gets paid? (Score 1) 177

As I look at the numbers, I want to know: Who is really seeing the 2.38 billion dollars in subscriptions? Blizzard of course comes to mind, but how many other thousands of little MMO games are there that have a subscription base of less than enough to protect Greece? 300 jokes aside, I don't see many companies sharing this great wealth.

Now, if the pool is being spread around some, anyone wanna help me make a game?

Comment Re:Dumb Government Abuse of Power (Score 1, Interesting) 819

That's a poor summary of what's happening. That ignores that the couple has literally devalued the homes around it by doing this, it's fiscally as bad as tagging (graffiti wise) everyone within a three house radius with a pair of breasts under the living room window.

While the owners were being planet smart, they probably should have started out at their city council or equivalent to get this change known and accepted.

Then again, I say don't live in city limits where you can directly affect someone else and their livelihood by doing what you should have the gawddamn right to do on your own property! Can't add or remove a frelling tree from your own yard without two bureaucrats telling you it's ok, then charging you to use their service... It's perverse and (to piss off a portion of people) retard logic.

Comment Re:It's not entirely their own (Score 1) 819

Yet they'll miss work and time with their child while some of the more obnoxious busy bodies come in to tell the home owner how to own their home. My parents live in a relatively nice suburb where they are constantly being called on for owning sub-par vehicles even though it is not against the law. This is done by neighbours they regularly talk to as well on friendly terms, too!

They (the owners) will probably have a bored judge tell the couple to make it more green to shut up the hours of complaining by either the neighbours or city/county official who's taken it upon their self to keep their city/county "beautiful".

Might just be six hours totally of their time, even that isn't worth it.

Comment Why not to live inside a city (Score 1) 819

Things like this show why living inside city limits as a home owner is a nightmare. If they read their city, county, and neighborhood by-laws, it probably stated something in legalese to the effect that the lawn had to be to a code that was only poorly worded as the legal body figured no one would test it.

It's a form of conservitism that demands zero conservation of natural resources, and these people can go to jail over it. It's sick.

Comment Re:Missing option (Score 1) 467

"Bah? A cubical? A luxury! Back in my day, we use to have to share the same desk with three other workers!" "You were lucky to have a desk! We use to share a single clip board, all twenty of us, taking turns to make sure our spelling was correct with only half of a dictionary." "A clip board would have been a dream. We use to sit sixteen to a chair under a lean-to, using each other backs as a hard writing surface and hoping you go in soon enough not to have to use the fat guy. But you know, we were happier in those days."

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