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Comment Re:So.... (Score 1) 493

I think we all have the right to ask anybody for their ID before we let a stranger into our house. I don't doubt that a white, asian or latino tech would also be asked for their ID on numerous occasions. Just because they don't like it and there is a small chance they did it because of their race, does not give them a right to get violent.

Comment Re:So.... (Score 1) 493

W....T....F....? "Well he hasn't beat any other customers so we're not going to do anything" Verizon said

This is not as bad as it sounds. Ok ok, just hear me out: IANAL but it appears that given the fact that verizon DIDNT fire him DESPITE his actions would mean an almost certain victory for the victim against Verizon in any civil suit along with hefty punitive damages. It would be even worse if the tech ends up hitting someone else and the second victim sued too.

Comment Re:Sudden Peace? (Score 1) 1067

I agree that Hamas is not exactly tolerant, but I completely disagree with you that Israel is prepared to "live and let live". If that were the case, there would be no Israeli occupations, no illegal Israeli settlements in occupied territories, no invasion of neighboring countries like lebanon (and im not just talkin about the 2006 invasion, also the 20 year occuption from the 1980's) and there would be a Palestinean state.
United States

Submission + - State directs sex victims to sex chat (zdnet.com)

Cocoshimmy writes: It seems as though the Florida attorney general has been redirecting sex assault victims to a sex chat line. Apparently the government victim helpline number was changed but they didn't update their website and the old number was bought by an adult entertainment company. They finally discovered this when an 8 year old girl came to her mother crying after calling the number.

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