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Comment What scares me the most is... (Score 1) 284

"the ability to remotely push/pull files from the device... All communications with the implant will be covert and encrypted." Say you're a government trouble maker/political rival/whistle blower/unwanted/whatever and next thing you know they find inappropriate content on your phone. How are people not rioting in the streets over this?

Comment Already paying bitcoin taxes... (Score 3, Interesting) 297

I made about $6500 in 2011 from bitcoins and my accountant advised me to treat it as I would any additional income. I suspect this is making things official in the sense that the CRA will start looking into past years to see if people haven't properly claimed it. In addition to claiming the $6500 as income I was able to write off a portion of my house utilities, mortgage, etc... in accordance with local bylaws.

Comment Real Bitcoin Tax in Canada (Score 3, Interesting) 181

Since so many people ask about the tax issues around bitcoins thought I would share my experience with bitcoin profits and taxes in Canada. Basically I purchase equipment to build a dedicated bitcoin machine, total cost around $900 mostly for graphics cards. In all I made about 600 bitcoins over three months and was on average able to cash them out for about $10 per bitcoin shortly after the crash of the price from $30 on the way down to $5. As a Canadian during the $30 spike, the ability to liquidate fast enough to take advantage of those prices while limited due to the risk I was willing to take about putting my bitcoin in different online exchange accounts. In all I gross about $6k and come tax time spoke with my accountant and was able to claim it as business income. That means I was able to write off a portion of space in my house (limited by local by-laws), mortgage payments, power, utilities, etc... as well as write off portions of the $900 PC purchase each year as capital investment. After all was said in done on the $6k I took in, I ended up having to pay back $1.5k for a net of $4.5k plus a still have a great new PC. For the three months I toyed with Bitcoin it was certainly worth it.

Submission + - A Promising Protein Injection May Treat a Range of Brain Diseases (medicaldaily.com)

An anonymous reader writes: A protein injection protected neurons in the brains of mice with prion disease, according to new research that could offer hope to patients with neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. In what was described as a “major breakthrough in understanding what kills neurons,” the latest study, published in the journal Nature, has for the first time found a pathway leading to neuron death in mice with prion disease, the mouse equivalent of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD), which is currently an incurable, neurodegenerative and fatal condition that causes the brain to slowly die.

Comment Another scientist in that area of research is (Score 5, Informative) 144

Dr. Bell at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, http://www.ohri.ca/profiles/bell.asp. He's been researching and using viruses to treat cancer in liver cancer. I believe it is currently in clinical trials in Europe and showing promise to not just kill cancer cells but cut off blood flow to the tumour which also helps to 'starve it'.

Comment This doesn't change much (Score 1) 432

At the power plant we use OS/2 with Banyan Vines for our parts of our internal network. Finding compatible hardware was becoming more and more an issue so we switched to running OS/2 virtual machines with Microsoft Virtual PC. While the solution isn't perfect it does provide us time to transition our services/applications off OS/2. If IBM does reintroduce OS/2, it certainly won't change our plans to migrate away from it. It's a little too late, particularly since IBM cut off sales and support for OS/2 several years ago.

Comment Nortel Pensioners Will Be All Over This (Score 0, Offtopic) 144

I expect that this will be tied up in the Canadian court system for a bit as well. I work a few kms from the former Nortel campus here in Ottawa and Nortel has been in the news for the past few months as it pensioners are basically receiving nothing as the company short funded the pension and eventually claimed bankruptcy. I fully expect that the legal team representing Nortel pensioners will do everything in their power to have a say in what happens to this company and should it be sold have existing pension liabilities settled.

Comment EA is a pirate! (Score 5, Insightful) 214

I used to heavily play BF2142 and then decided to take a break. Upon finding the game stashed away in my closest I wanted to try playing it again with some old university friends on my new computer. Needless to say, after contacting EA they would not validate my account ( their server said my account had already been activated )and the game would simply not work for online play anymore ( the vast majority of game and only way to unlock upgrades is online ). So regardless of the that I was the original purchaser, with box and serial in hand, I was out my purchase of BF2142. I have otherwise always purchased my games and respected copyright but this experience has been a turning point for me with EA. If you're going to lock honest people out of their own products you can't be upset that your products get pirated; because you're pirating the funds they paid you.

Comment Correct your eating first (Score 1) 1806

When I saw your posting "I don't eat a lot but the weight seems to stay on these days." jumped out at me immediately. Working in the IT field as well, I have the habit of eating health but not enough. You'd be surprised at how much you should really eat in a day; 12 oz of meat, 6 full cups of vegetables, etc... After adjusting my eating to eat more, I've recently lost 26 lbs in 9 weeks and that was without changing any sort of related exercise; I currently go to the gym 3 times a week for an hour. First step is to see a dietitian and get some customized menus which will help get your metabolism back to where it was a few years ago. I know it sounds crazy but I think ultimately you probably have more of an eating problem (eating too little) more than an exercise problem.

Submission + - New theory on 5,000-year-old Iceman's death (www.ctv.ca)

CmpEng writes: ROME, Italy — Researchers studying Iceman, the 5,000-year-old mummy found frozen in the Italian Alps, have come up with a new theory for how he died, saying he died from head trauma, not by bleeding to death from an arrow. Just two months ago, researchers in Switzerland published an article in the Journal of Archeological Science saying the mummy — also known as Oetzi — had died after the arrow tore a hole in an artery beneath his left collarbone, leading to massive loss of blood, shock and heart attack.

Submission + - Canadian villagers petition for cell phone ban (www.ctv.ca)

CmpEng writes: ""NEW DENVER, B.C. [Canada] — To some residents of New Denver, the greatest threat to their way of life is not terrorism, but cellphones. Citing concerns over health and a change of culture, about 250 people — roughly half the population of the southeastern B.C. village — are petitioning against Telus's plan to install an antenna and bring cellphone service to the community. 'People come here because in New Denver it feels like you're living 50 years ago and we would lose that if we had an influx of cellphones. Our teenagers would all start using them,' said Julia Greenlaw, chairwoman of the Healthy Housing Society.""

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