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Comment Re:1997 Movie was awful (Score 1) 457

And there was the 6 part anime OVA "Uchuu no Senshi" [Starship Troopers]

which leads up to a romantic conclusion, with Johnny Rico declaring (confessing) his love for [I forget who].

Not very much like the book, either.
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Comment Battery low? (Score 1) 76

It takes power to run a random number generator to produce these CV2 codes.
And a clock to tell when to do the next one. What kind of battery is in the card? And how do you recharge it?

Current chip & pin cards can draw power from the reader. CV2 is mostly useful for online or telephone transactions, where there is no external power supply for the card.
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Comment unrelated: Pic Tac Toe (Score 1) 161

In your Pic Tac Toe game, first player can always win. Play in the center first, then if you have no immediate winning move, keep the board symmetrical.

Posted here to contact nuckfuts, since his original post is archived.
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