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Submission + - Mega Tsunami Devastated New York 2000 Years Ago (

CmdrGravy writes: "The BBC reports that 2,300 years ago a mega tsunami inundated the New Jersey coastline sweeping across Long Island and far up the Hudson river. Were a similar wave to sweep in from the North Atlantic today Wall Street would be underwater and the Long Island Expressway would be awash.

Evidence of this ancient tsunami has been gathered from cores collected from across the New Jersey region by geologist Steven Goodbred. Evidence of the tsunami occuring is conclusive but evidence of it's origins are less clear cut with theories ranging from an asteroid strike to an underwater landslip.

In 2,300 years New York has obviously developed from a grassy coastal plain into a high rise, high tech hub supporting millions of people. North Atlantic tsunamis are thought to be rare occurrences but what contingency does New York have for potential disasters of this nature ? I know London has it's Thames Barrier but does New York have any similar defences and would its position between the Hudson and the East River make for a particulary devastating flood in the event of another tsnumai ?"

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