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Comment Re: Its easier to pick sides (Score 2) 208

Wait and see. The Hispanic community is fairly conservative socially. All those 'Mexicans' you refer to, as they settle into the United States, won't embrace your 'identity politics.' Just the same as the Islamic immigrants, who it has been well shown in places in Europe, bring their stereotypes and hatred with them. Worried about the repression of gay people? Get ready, because 'the Mexicans' and the Islamic immigrants are not going to be tolerant.

Comment Re: Golden age of remakes maybe (Score 1) 1220

By the late 70's we were more than ready for some good mindless fun.

I don't think you should say 'we' like that. Many of us who are SF enthusiasts consider Star Wars barely SF at all. What Star Wars can conclusively be shown to have done is suck a lot of air out of the 'genere' of SF and lead to decades of dismal space-westerns.

There is no 'continuity' in a Science Fiction audience that leads to Star Wars. Star Wars was what George Lucas came up with after he was denied the right to produce Flash Gordon remakes. People who were watching SF films before the Star Wars movie came out were not the huge audience who embraced Star Wars. Star Wars didn't make 'science fiction' a mainstream thing. It was just a mainstream movie that many people outside the SF community considered as being Science Fiction.

Comment Re: Golden age of remakes maybe (Score 1) 1220

Real Computer Guys (tm) don't necessarily have lists of the best 'sci-fi' film tucked away in their heads.

'WarGames' would be like watching 'Big Bang Theory.' To a non-nerd it appears that the characters on the program are nerds. But nerds don't watch programs like that. The characters in BBT would never watch their show. Well... maybe they would....

Comment Re:Burger King did WHAT??! (Score 1) 447

You're missing the point. Because BK will likely not suffer any legal action against them for this stunt, they are in fact legitimizing the activity of triggering digital assistants. A lack of legal action or punishment can easily set a precedent.

And they aren't exposing jack shit because no one cares.

Well, if the controversy forces Google to release a firmware update for these things that turns them into USB Speakers, we will all be better off anyway.

We all know Google will kill the devices eventually. That's just how Google rolls. Someone else, i.e Burger King, may as well get some practical use out of their poorly designed interface before they shut it down.

Comment Re:/. won't either (Score 1) 447

We already ate a meal at Burger King specifically because of the attention this whole matter has brought to them.

I like Burger King. They have far less of a slick corporate appearance and approach in how they do business. The local stands here are privately owned franchises. Their whole approach to publicity seems more down-to-earth and working class. They make a far better burger than McDonalds, so at a bar minimum, raising awareness of their company will cause me to steer towards them in the future.

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