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Comment Re:Flynn's role (Score 1) 135

Nader stuck to his principles and opposed who he saw as a candidate who was really no better or worse than the Republican opponent.

Assange stuck to his principles and opposed who he saw as an candidate who was really no better or worse than the Republican opponent.

It's so disappointing that the 'Third Way' moderates took over and have now essentially destroyed the traditional Democratic party.

The traditional Left should jettison the modern Democratic party. Bernie could be a part of that but he's very old and something fresh is needed.

Comment Re:The irony of the vulnerability... (Score 1) 250

So you are saying that is an integral part of MS-DOS. Furthermore, KDE is an integral part of Linux??

No. Apple just pulled in some userland stuff from FreeBSD because the hoary old userland on NeXTStep was beyond being redeemable.

Have you ever run Darwin by itself? I booted up and installed a darwin ISO years ago when it seemed like it might have been viable. Apple killed it off because it was too independent and might become viable. If NetBSD's pkgsrc collection had been ported to it, it would have been a pretty complete system. Without the greasepaint that Apple smears on it to make it OSX.

Comment Re: Money back (Score 0) 130

Well, that depends on how you interpret it.

The German agency could be ordering people to destroy the doll because they are 'protecting' the child from her parents.

The parents are likely in all cases completely innocent, but that doesn't preclude a Government Agency from assuming the worst and prosecuting the parents.

Comment Re:broke (Score 1) 46

Run a 32bit XP in a Virtual Machine, using VirtualBox from Sun Microsystems (Oracle owns it now).

For the graphical quality that MAME games require, VirtualBox should provide the graphics quality needed. It isn't very accelerated for 'modern' XP era games.

Comment Our Digital Heritage (Score 1) 46

I can see the point in preserving and restoring games that people wax nostalgic about.

But is a game that Atari never released an actual part of 'our digital heritage'?? It sounds like a footnote that nobody, ever, anywhere, would remember.

Which is cool and all, but it's definitely not part of our digital heritage. Because it never saw the light of day.

Comment Re:Shade, eh? (Score 1) 119

You apparently need to understand that 'creative professionals' almost exclusively use Macs.

Except Adobe now treats Mac like the secondary platform.

And a lot of 'creative professionals' don't work on computers at all, except for regular use of what is convenient for them.

The whole 'Apple Creative Professional' thing is about ten years stale at this point. People are bound to cling to it as part of their identity, of course.

Comment Re:Wait... (Score 1) 905

I miss the good old days when people understood that 'government' is not just a formality entity. The Big Media is a form of government itself. It ceased being 'private property' when the big media conglomerates became publicly held corporations.

So quit with your quaint and ignorant point-of-view that only the statutory government can censor.

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