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Comment Re:Conversely... (Score 1) 225

I built a gate this afternoon, along the back fence of the dogyard. Because we're getting a new puppy on Thursday. Yesterday I bought some 1 x 6 treated boards and sawed them to length. This afternoon I went out and dug around in the junkbox parts and found enough screws and hardware to fabricate all that wood into a gate.

So don't tell me I "can't build anything."

I can also whip out the soldering iron and build a whole small computer for a needed purpose. For instance, to build a data acquisition node, for one of the many projects I have in mind. I licenses for all the software to create the code block to push into said small computer.

Now, in a constructed world, which admittedly a lot of people on Slashdot seem to exist in, where everything is computer software, you might have a point. You might. I'll concede the possibility.

Comment Re:VAT (Score 2) 447

The VAT is collected from Apple's customers, though, not Apple themselves. And in fact, if the 'government services' that said collected taxes are applied toward the interests of the taxpayers it could lead to a very different situation for Apple than exists in many countries.

Why should Apple customers pay tax to their government and then have their government act in Apple's interest against them?

Perhaps New Zealand could set up a national firewall that intercepts and bypasses Apple's App store. App Store requests could instead be send to an alternative mirror of Apple's App Store, with the government or the people of New Zealand getting all the benefits. A free App Store, for interest, with all of Apple's App Store contents 'pirated' over for the use of New Zealands' VAT taxpayers. Apple would have to physically block their IP from entering New Zealand, and that isn't particularly practicable against a Nation State.

If Apple Corporation isn't a taxpayer in New Zealand they certainly should not be afforded the benefits of government protection. The VAT payers have little interest in seeing their money used by the New Zealand Government to enforce Apple's copyright, etc,

Comment Re:Bruce Schneier ... (Score 1) 84

Bruce Schneier is a 'cryptography journalist.' He has no credentials beyond writing a controversial book over a decade ago about Cryptography and leveraging it into a career as a 'cryptography expert.' He is not a cryptographer, and thus not a 'peer' in the peer review process.

Well, maybe he's an 'expert' in journalistic/writer terms. Just like a blogger about Geology is a blogger about Geology.

Comment Re:I can never do business with Best Buy (Score 1) 164

These are Geek Squad employees. That's a special subset of the Best Buy operation. Anybody can work at Best Buy, and shilling overpriced 'upgrades' and extended warranties is one thing.

It takes a special sort of employee to drive around in a PT Cruiser with 'Geek Squad' printed on the side. There aren't that many people capable of doing this as a career choice, so unless you approach the Geek Squad countertop at a Best Buy Store (similar in many ways to the 'Genius Bar' at an Apple store) you are safe entering a Best Buy. It's no better or worse than a WalMart or Frys.

Comment Cheetos. (Score 1) 164

Reward the sort of Geek Squad technician who would work as 'an informant for the FBI' with $500 worth of Cheetos. That would attract a better class of Geek Squad informant. The police cadet wannabe types presently being attracted are obsessed with keeping the greasy orange crumbs off their hands, and as junior martinets can only provide tainted evidence.

Comment Will the new Community Edition Be Uninstallable? (Score 1) 195

I once installed the 2015 Community edition on a Windows 7 system to check it out, kick the tires, etc.

It shit all over the system, there was no integrated installer (of the type there is when you install Microsoft Office) and it created 'restore points' for every single package and component that it pulled down and installed. I wanted to maybe check out some Visual Basic and C++ and dabble with it a bit.

It installed the whole SQL tool chain, server, etc. There really weren't any options for installing just the components to run VS on a standalone machine, in the fashion that there was with Visual C++ 6.0 back in the day.

The VS installer basically shit all over my system, and uninstalling it would have involved manually uninstalling each component part using the Control Panel. The 'restore points' were totally consumed going way back in 'history' because it set a restore point for each and every fricking component.

Have they gotten any better with that? I am a little bit afraid to try installing it to find out.

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