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Comment The better question is: "Should you...?" (Score 3, Insightful) 192

Why is it that they need to be told a compelling story? Appreciation is nice, yes, but is it necessary for them to be wow-ed in every future report? Like OP said, they expect functioning systems and get functioning systems, and people get mad when things don't work right.

Comment Re:First step: Audit (Score 1) 452

This is probably the most fair response to the question. The ultimate question being asked is, "Which workstation setup will allow the end users to be productive?" If FOSS is part of your criteria, ensure that there are open source solutions for all your office's needs, from document writing to file sharing to video viewing. Invest in what will make your office work better overall, even if it isn't $0.00.

Comment Re:Saturday (Score 1) 91

Do work that you enjoy. I work in IT on weekdays, and am a music producer by night/weekends. Both are demanding and are definitely no cakewalk, and I rightly describe both as "work." But, I enjoy being a music producer, and typically don't feel like it's the same kind of work that requires me to force my brain to do it. I'm not resting when I'm making music, and certainly not while performing it, but I enjoy it, so I don't feel like it's forced. At times, it does feel like "work," but most of the time it's just living. So, maybe forcing the brain to keep working is the wrong mindset? It depends on the project(s) you're looking to do. What is it you want to accomplish?

Comment Re:AC question (Score 1) 192

I will speak to the last two rows, and not of their typing errors.

"The source of its value is its limited amount: Normal currency - partly; Cryptocurrency; yes; A stick with my name on it; yes."

This line is problematic. A cryptocurrency's value is partly determined by its finite amount, not entirely. There are currently (and never will be) enough whole Bitcoins to go around for 1:1 ratio of a Bitcoin-to-humans distribution. So why aren't they currently worth a lot more than they are currently worth? Market forces, among many other factors. Their worth would certainly be damaged by having an unlimited supply (practically speaking), for obvious supply/demand reasons, but by that token, the US dollar or any other currency that is printed could be made to have a (practically) unlimited supply. (I say practically because whether cash or code, there will always be a finite limit to how many can be produced.)

Also, a stick with your name on it can be finite in amount, but supply and demand still determine its value, as well as other market forces and other factors beyond that.

"Anyone can make his own, undermining the whole damn system: Normal currency - no; Cryptocurrency - yes; A stick with my name on it - yes."

This is very much problematic. Although the chart doesn't define "normal currency," we can generally assume it is the kind you find listed on a country's Wikipedia page - paper dollars, coins, etc. Anyone can make coins out of metals, rocks, glass (which I want to see), etc. Anyone can print their own bills/notes and call them a tradeable, valuable good. Any non-cryptocurrency still has to be made, and someone still has to be the maker. Does that undermine the whole damn system? Look around the world and tell me your answer, chart-writer (I'm assuming the OP is not the chart-writer).

Going off that last point, does having options of currencies "undermine" the "system?" And how so? Cryptocurrencies seem to thrive on the principle that there should be more than one choice when choosing how you will conduct your business, transaction by transaction. I don't have to pay in USD, I can pay in Bitcoin. I don't have to pay in Bitcoin, I can pay in 42coin. I don't have to pay in 42coin, I can pay in credit. I don't have to pay in credit, I can pay in man-hours, fixing your printer or trimming your rhododendron. Does any of the above undermine the system?

And making your own stick with your name on it doesn't undermine any system that I'm aware of, it helps you walk when a leg gives out, and helps clear out cobwebs when your girlfriend is coming over with a last-minute warning text.

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