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Journal Journal: Not Installed for Current User - Updated

I have tried everything I knew or could find.

I am on Win XP Professional, with SP2 (at work). I was using Office XP Standard, and Import/Export wasn't working in Outlook. So, as a Power User, I tried detect and repair from Outlook.

Lo and behold, all of the Office XP components stopped working, and I was told " is not installed for the current user. Please run setup to install the application".

I tried running detect and repair from the installer. Didn't work. Asked IT Facility Management to help. They couldn't do anything and even removed, VLC, 7-Zip and Google Desktop (with the index!) from my system, while adding Office XP Pro. Apparently, I have no use for any of them.

So I was stuck with an overnight deadline and no solution. ITFM tells me that something's wrong with my profile, and that they will need to remove and restore it to make Office XP work.

I consulted the MS knowledge base. Found an article in KB#302846. It tells me how to resolve the conflict: IN 98 and ME!!!!#%$@

I AM ON XP, PEOPLE! The article tells me to reinstall Office for the user facing the problem, and remove the "Include Start menu and Program groups in user settings" option. Gawd, I am on the verge of tears.

Mudderfaxing Idiots! Where would I find such a setting in XP??? This article has been updated on April 11, 2006!

I removed and reinstalled Office XP Pro with Admin privileges. No use. I tried giving all rights to myself for the MS Office Tree, no use.

I used File and Settings transfer wizard to back up my settings and some files in the Documents and Settings tree. I logged in as Administrator (NO other user ID has the problem, please note), again backed up my UID's tree under D&S to another partition. Deleted that tree from C:. REMOVED my user from the PC (it's an account on the network domain).

With all traces of my old self cleared, I again logged in with that ID. Tried Office, DID NOT WORK. Tried reinstallation. NO USE AGAIN!!!

I have tried to finish my work on another computer. But how are they going to resolve the issue?

Heh. I just noticed on the MS website that the only option when everything fails is to do a System Restore. Might as well format my C partition.

Please, please somebody help me out. I promise I'll never try to repair an MS product again. I'll just stick to compiling Gnome and KDE at home...

Well, we did finally have to format the C partition!! System restores did not work.

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Journal Journal: Vengeance

I keep coming back here. I need anger management.

I need to get back at somebody. I want it to be even more humiliating and sad.

I will prevail.

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