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Comment LiveCD for Windows virus/malware removal (Score -1) 58

I can't tell you how many people I know are looking for a LiveCD/DVD that runs Linux (Ubuntu would be preferred just for ease and familiarity for these people that work on Windows machines all day) and has a GOOD antivirus program along with a GOOD or maybe a few anti-malware programs that will scan the local Windows hard drive. Sure, some LiveCD's are out there but it would be great if you could update them on the fly. I know it wouldn't save to the CD, but just updating it in a RAMdisk would be great. Having to update it each time would be fine.

Being able to walk over to an infected machine, boot from a CD/DVD to an Ubuntu desktop and run up to date cleaning utilities from there would be so incredibly helpful.

I've seen people try, but so far all the attempts I've seen... kind of suck.

Comment Never should have been DRAFT-N products. (Score -1) 140

This is unfortunate. For so many years, I've told people not to buy anything that is "Draft" or "Pre"-N because it's not official and might change. So many products still say "Draft" or "Pre" on them that people are still not buying them because there's no official "FINAL RELEASE-N" that they see.

They may never upgrade to -N. They might just wait for whatever is next.

No, I don't feel bad for telling them that for years. If the mfgr's want to make Beta products for consumers, fine, but I'm not going to recommend them to clients. It is sad that there is a lack of communication (and back stock) of the Draft-N products that hundreds (that I've told) of people will not buy -N.

Comment Bury yourself. (Score -1) 888

Bury yourself with other content. If you cannot remove something, make other content more prominent and easier to find.

If 10 people say X about you, get 100 people to say Y about you. When someone goes looking, they are far more likely to hear Y.

Comment bullshit (Score -1) 520

"they've told me that ANY data--even one kilobyte--is billed as 1MB. The damage is done."

It's bullshit like this that keeps me from getting one. They really need to stop nickel and dimeing people with data plans. They really are way over priced. I won't get one, I know what it costs to bring data to a user and they charge way too much for it.

Comment the can do better, without money grubbers (Score 0, Interesting) 698

F you comcast. I pay for service, not dis-service. You can give me a faster cap, no total download limit, treat all traffic the neutrally and none of this 'throttling because you are using it' crap, for less money. Other ISP's can, time for you to cut off the top... and I mean your management.

Comment no outrage here (Score -1) 543

No outrage here. I'm looking forward to the game. Looks like it depicts real life situations where sometimes people do bad things. Video games aren't always about painting a pretty picture of how the good guys always get there before the bad guys do anything. Why not try the other side of it and see how horrible of a person you could be?

Comment Catch 22 (Score -1) 369

I see this as a rock and a hard place for Microsoft.

On one hand, they need to get something out to replace the dirty name... Vista. Everyone knows it and hates it. It's got a lot of bad press and rightfully so. It sucks. So MS needs something to replace it as soon as possible.

On the other hand, part of the reason Vista sucked was because it was rushed out the door. Yea, how many years in development? It wasn't ready. I think the other reason was that it was too different from XP that people who had been using it kind of felt offended when this Vista came along and changed basic functions. Renamed things and made them hard to find, some people just didn't like it for that and refused it... sans it's technical deficiencies.

So, I see why MS needs to get something out fast... Vista sucks and everyone knows it. The name = bad. But at the same time, if they get it out too soon they are going to have just another Vista release. Which.... it's already starting to shape up like Vista. I've used it. I don't like it.

It's also a slap in the face to charge Vista users to upgrade to Vista SP2.


Future Astronauts May Survive On Eating Silkworms 384

sciencehabit writes "Science reports that silkworms may be an ideal food source for future space missions. They breed quickly, require little space and water, and generate smaller amounts of excrement than poultry or fish. They also contain twice as many essential amino acids as pork does and four times as much as eggs and milk. Even the insect's inedible silk, which makes up 50% of the weight of the dry cocoon, could provide nutrients: The material can be rendered edible through chemical processing and can be mixed with fruit juice, sugar, and food coloring to produce jam."

Qt Becomes LGPL 828

Aequo writes "Qt, the highly polished, well documented, modern GUI toolkit owned by Nokia, will be available under the LGPL starting with version 4.5! It was previously only mainly available under the GPL and a commercial license. Selling licenses was an important part of Qt under Trolltech as it was the company's main source of income, but Trolltech is a fruit-fly compared to Nokia, who want to encourage and stimulate the use of Qt Everywhere [PDF]. This is fantastic news for all commercial developers looking to create cross-platform applications without the need to buy a $4950 multi-platform license per developer."

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