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Comment Vigilance, that's how (Score 1) 385

Criminals have committed fraud with credit cards for a long time. They will continue to do so, no matter what technologies we use to protect our cards. And we will continue to use credit cards despite this, because they're convenient.

Check your statement every month, and report fraudulent charges. I have never had a problem getting fraudulent charges reversed. Also, credit-card companies have an interest in avoiding fraudulent charges, so many employ analytic algorithms to detect suspicious charges, and contact you about them.

The EMV chip cannot be read wirelessly. It must make contact with electrodes in the card reader. It is not the same as an RFID chip, which some cards have also. So, EMV chips may be vulnerable to a fake reader (as magnetic stripes are to a skimmer) but you'd have to insert your card into one in order to be compromised. So, don't be promiscuous. Think before you use your card with a machine that looks suspicious.

And let's not forget that it has always been possible to read credit cards wirelessly -- with human eyes. Keep it concealed unless you're using it.

Comment Too big to grow? (Score 4, Insightful) 176

TFA says the study adjusted for the size of the company, but I wonder how?

I would assume large companies pay their CEOs more than smaller ones, but large companies have a hard time getting any larger compared to smaller ones. If they already dominate their market, then presumably there's not much left of their market to acquire.

Comment Re: I want to like Donald. (Score 1) 268

In reality, this shows the tolerance of the GOP. They'll have debate, they'll welcome discourse with people generally on the other side of an issue.

And then they'll just go on the way they did before, working against the concerns of those same people. This is not tolerance, it's pandering.

Comment Re: So what is YOUR plan? (Score 1) 406

So ISIS's goal is the same as the Republicans. Provoke a war, then capitalize on it.

It's worked as an economic stimulous plan for years.

War is expensive on many levels, including economic. But on its face, it is not an "economic stimulus plan." When you drop a bomb on someone, you don't send them a bill.

To be sure, war efforts have spurred the creation of many technologies more rapidly than they might have been created otherwise. But I'm not sure it's worth it.

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