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Comment Re:Cost (Score 1) 400

That shortens the distance to Asia right?

Nope. The distance between Asia to every other places still remains exactly the same.

In a pedantic sense, yes.

In a practical sense (per the distance of shipping lanes) perhaps not. But I hardly think ice-free poles, and the accompanying global rise in temperatures and sea-levels, are worth the other consequences. And those include war, mass migration of refugees, shifting of zones of arable land, uncertain survivability of plants moved to different latitudes, and so on.

Comment Re:"Dragging their feet" - can't be the U.S. (Score 1) 400

The U.S. already lowered carbon emissions enough to meet the Kyoto targets, years ago.

From the very beginning of the article you cited:

New EIA data shows USA inadvertently meets 1997 Kyoto protocol CO2 emission reductions without ever signing on thanks to a stagnant economy. Lowest level of CO2 emissions since 1994.

So, let's not gloat, m'kay?

Comment Re:Or.. (Score 1) 400

Pumping >0C water onto the remaining ice will accelerate the melting

Not in the winter. As a real world example, Canadians will pour water over outside skating rinks during the winter, and it refreshes the ice surface. No Zamboni needed. I read somewhere they heat the water as well. Can any of our Canadian friends let us know - if you are still talking to the crazy Americans?

If the ambient temperature is above freezing, then the ice will melt, whether you put water on it or not. If it is below freezing, then water applied to the ice surface will freeze. If it's windy, it just melts or freezes faster. "Wind chill" just refers to what the temperature feels like to us, not what it actually is.

Of course, artifical ice rinks have refrigeration units that chill the surface that the ice is applied to. So, they can survive even if the ambient temperature is above freezing. Good thing, too -- hockey arenas can get a bit warm when they're filled up with fans.

Comment Re:Arduino uses C++, Pi uses Linux (Score 1) 371

Fair enough. You can always write C code in C++. But at the risk of being flamed, IMHO both are high-level languages. C++ is just higher level.

I recall reading (maybe in Stanley Lippman's primer book) an exercise question that asked why the language is called C++ and not ++C. Worth pondering.

Comment Re:Where I fail (Score 1) 82

Looking at this thread again, I am inclined to concede graciously. You and I may very well share the same take on reality.

My point was that science is not infallible, but that it is the best tool we have for understanding the universe. And whatever counter-intuitive theories we come up with must be accepted if they fit the data. And that means that electrons are very well defined by our current theories, even if it means they can be in two places at once.

Peace out.

Comment Re:Physics breaking things (Score 1) 82

Oh, physics breaking things. I'm so scared. Wait, no I'm not. What have you got against "physics breaking things"? From what I've been able to figure out however is that nothing, electrons included, are all that well defined.

And that is where you fail. Science will never claim to know everything. But it is indisputably the best way to shrink-wrap the tightest boundary about what things we do know.

That is all. [mic drop]

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