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Comment Re:So happy to be seeing the responses here... (Score 1) 325

To your hospital question, there was a story recently on NPR stating many physicians today rarely do a physical examination, relying instead on tests, i.e. technology over basic observation. I agree we have gained much by CAT, MRI, EKG, etc., but it appears we may be losing a bit in rudimentary medicine.

Comment Heyu and (Score 1) 409

X10 isn't reliable. Still, I get decent enough results.
I run Heyu. It's open source, command line driven. I schedule it with cron. It compiles and runs easily on FreeBSD, Linux, and more. (The FreeBSD port can be a little behind.)
I have tried it with for a front-end. It works well enough for the spouse approval factor, but not a lot of bells and whistles.

95M-Year-Old Octopus Fossils Discovered 290

mmmscience writes "A new study published in Paleontology is a truly terrific find. Not only did a group of European scientists find a fossilized octopus, they found five complete fossils that show all eight legs in great detail, including a ghost of the characteristic suckers. The discovery of the 95-million-year-old specimens was made in Lebanon. 'What is truly astonishing to the scientists is how similar these ancient creatures are to their modern-day counterparts. Dirk Fuchs, lead author on the study stated, "These things are 95 million years old, yet one of the fossils is almost indistinguishable from living species."'"

Best FOSS Help Desk Software For Small Firms? 321

Nocts writes "I'm currently working for a moderately sized company that manages a large portion of its internal help desk questions through a Jabber-based chat room. What we're looking for instead is an open source, preferably Web-based solution that will give us the ability to have floor representatives queue questions and concerns in a similar fashion to BugTraq, directed at the help desk. Email capability would be preferred for elaboration of specific issues, but the more we can centralize everything into the queued system the better. Any recommendations and experiences? Just about any language is doable since I have the ability to configure and upgrade our servers and we're looking at about a user base of 100 people, with around 5-10 questions a minute."

Comment Fat or thin, Neil? (Score 1) 431

Here's an excerpt from an earlier post from Neil about Slimming Down Your Software

In truth, says Forrester, lean software is less a methodology or a dogma as it is a trend. Citing the growing use of open source toolkits, lightweight object containers, SaaS, and (yes) cloud computing, among other emerging technologies, Forrester claims that a leading segment of developers is already moving toward lean software as a natural reaction to the inherent inefficiencies of the traditional enterprise development process.

So which is it, Neil? Fat apps on the desktop, or thin/lean apps on the web?


Submission + - 0day in PDF files can compromise Windows

maotx writes: "A newly discovered exploit within PDFs allows hackers to compromise machines running Windows. The exploit is officially confirmed by Adobe's team and is not limited to just Adobe's software. PDF application Foxit is vulnerable as well, although the user is required to interact with the document in order to launch the exploit. Other viewers may share this vulnerability. The PDF exploit may be executed by directly opening the PDF or viewing it within an embedded webpage. Video of the exploit is available here. Vista users are not affected."

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