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Comment Re:Bye bye Wired (Score 3, Interesting) 307

I'm resisting the urge to be snarky... I understand that this has toasted their ability to speak to tech-saavy people off-the-record, but I don't expect them to lose any advertising over it. As far as credibility, since when have we required that from our news media? I always just pick the outlet that best fits my confirmation bias.

The phone "hacks" were on lovable, empathetic characters: Hugh Grant, the royals, soldiers, little girls. Bradley Manning, on the other hand, has been suffering a character assassination from day one. You lose advertising by going against public opinion, not necessarily from just being bastards.

Comment If the generosity is still flowing... (Score 1) 1223

Longtime Facebook holdout here, interested to see the "privacy focused" social hub for myself.

cdevilrun at if someone would be so kind.

A slashdot group might actually be fun. I remember a time when the BBS I frequented used to have real life get-togethers.... in the sunlight even! (Electric Cafe based out of Santa Cruz)

Comment Re:He's forgotten what made Star Wars good (Score 1) 309

I suspect it's the money that ruined him. The first three movies are a basic hero's journey cobbled together by dreamers into something amazing. The latter three appear to be masturbatory fx-fests with little to no value as stories. Darth Vader is a dynamic character despite showing a single expression for all but 2 minutes of the film. Anakin Skywalker... not so much.

With his initial dream fulfilled, seems he lost whatever drove him to create the initial masterpieces.

Comment Re:people are stealing user info (Score 1) 303

I don't think there are many here who believe the hackers are doing the morally correct thing. Certainly far less evil than rape though. Furthermore, I find it hard to believe that Sony is being attacked due to its attractiveness as a target.

It's a little bit more like a man calling a bunch of prisoners' mothers whores and then walking around outside the penitentiary backwards with your pants down. Sure, there's a wall between you and them, how long and how many do you think it will hold?

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