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Comment Re:Ugly? (Score 0) 768

Ugh, sorry. Misread your previous post.

It employs hub-motors, whereby each wheel is effectively a motor, and so it would not be practical to "buddy up" pairs of motors.

Which begs the question: why go with 8 wheels instead of 4? /shrugs... perhaps something as mundane as availability or the size of hub-motor required to achieve their performance aims, or perhaps the total amount of torque they require to achieve their aims can't be effectively delivered across 4 tyre-shod wheels (particularly starting from rest, given the torque characteristics of an electric motor).

Which begs another question? How did they come to the conclusion that an 8-wheeled monster doing 400km/hr would make an impact on a gasoline car-dependent world?

Something like Ford's Th!nk might have made an impact, if they'd allowed it to. Of course, the fact that it may have made an impact could very well be the reason Ford killed it off.

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