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Comment Will a PowerWall allow fast charging? (Score 1) 47

Will a PowerWall allow fast charging?
Is fast charging desirable or destructive?
How many PowerWalls are needed to fully charge your 'average' Tesla?

Irrespective, solar us a logical step with an electric car. BUT in one of the possible futures we won't have a car, garage or driveway. Indeed there won't be cars parking out the roads as the cars will be stationed/charged somewhere else and summoned on demand. In that possible future, the PowerWall would still be available for the house and grid so that future works.

Ok, I should order my solar/ PowerWall now then.

Comment Re:Can't be level 5 (Score 1) 185

Surely if the human-available controls have been inactivated by the computer (even though physically present) that would deem them level-5?

[ I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that. This mission is too important... ]
(the Hardware Abstraction Layer: HAL)

You have no idea what I'm ranting about do you... :) I'm old...

Comment Re: I would like a simpler electric car (Score 1) 243

Our Prius gen 1 battery died last month at 312,000 km. I'm sure it's just a few dead cells that need replacing (see Youtube), worst case it will end up being a stationary battery. I'd happily buy another Prius but our deposit is down on a Tesla M3; that may never eventuate but we felt it was important to vote on desired tech with our wallet.

Note that Tesla uses Lithium (ion?) vs Prius' Nickle metal hydride so the longevity comparison isn't relevant. Also it's a lot easier to swap out the Tesla battery pack if there is ana issue (I think).

Random thought... how are all these deposits on the Tesla M3's affecting other EV/hybrid sales over the next 2 years? Will the hold off factor that I'm exhibiting be repeated by others? I suspect it will.

Comment Here's a dismemberment video from 6 months ago: (Score 1) 52


Published on Oct 29, 2015
This video shows how I managed to hack Amazon's Dash Button as well as wire up one of Amazon's AWS IoT Buttons with Node.js to order me beer via Drizly. I teamed up with Drizly to get access to their API and will always have my favorite beer available at the press of a button!

Comment Like a server or jet... (Score 1) 228

Leaf blowers just blow the Crap elsewhere and the wind will put it back. Don't have one and don't want one.

That aside there are things that help...

* Electric is way better, both from a maintainence and noise perspective

* Like our physical servers (remember them?) and the latest whisper jets... The larger the fan diameter the quieter the noise.

Comment Good idea esp. For beginners... (Score 3, Interesting) 73

Good idea especially for beginners. My first (toy) drone lasted about 2 hours... Learning to fly it in the lounge was interesting but I got ejected outside after shredding the wife's flower arrangement. From there it was up up and blown away... I still haven't found it.

In a gym you will be hard pressed to lose your done and I'd expect the the environment to be stable.

Comment How "Titanic" made a better 64 bit Linux kernel (Score 1) 31


The article is an excellent read, the movie was made ~1997 too.

"The Linux distribution used was Red Hat 4.1. At that time Red Hat was shipping Linux 2.0.18, which didn't support the PC164 mainboard, so the first thing we had to do was upgrade the kernel. During our testing we tracked down a number of problems with devices and kept up with both the 2.0 and 2.1 series of kernels. We ended up sticking with 2.1.42 with a few patches. We also decided on the NCR 810 SCSI card with the BSD-based driver and the SMC 100MB Ethernet card with the de4x5 driver. It turned out to be a very stable configuration, but there was one serious floating-point problem that caused our water-rendering software to die with an unexpected floating-point exception."

Submission + - Ghostly remains of Soviet Space Shuttle... (cnn.com)

ClarkMills writes: From CNN:

Photographer discovers treasure trove in Baikonur Cosmodrome

It's hard to imagine now, but this derelict shuttle was once at the gleaming forefront of the Soviet space program. It was one of a number of dilapidated spacecraft found at the Baikonur Cosmodrome site in Kazakhstan by urban explorer Ralph Mirebs.

Comment I used to be totally against online voting... (Score 1) 77

My main bitch with online voting was/is vote-buying. This *could* be mostly solved by having it so that you can change your vote right up to closing time. That way, even if you sold your vote and voted in front of the vote-buyer, you could always go and change your vote later. Dispels any significant incentive to even try that rort.

We first need to get an e-voting system in place that is trustworthy (and hence open/auditable).

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