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Submission + - Real-world usage again shows iOS far ahead of Android, other rivals Read more (

ClaraBow writes: Yet another real-world usage statistic has surfaced showing that users with iOS devices are far more engaged with them than those of any other platform. Among Black Friday buyers who used mobile devices to shop online, 82 percent were on the iOS platform doing so, with the remaining 18 percent using Android. Using mobile devices to shop on Black Friday was up 9.8 percent overall from last year, with mobile devices accounting for 38 percent of all Black Friday shopping traffic and 21 percent of online sales.

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Submission + - Dell's Sputnik 3 touchscreen laptop has Ubuntu Linux (

ClaraBow writes: I find it interesting that Dell has started selling a thin and light touchscreen laptop called the XPS 13 Developer Edition, which will have Ubuntu Linux OS and Intel’s fourth-generation Core processors, code-named Haswell.

The laptop, code-named Sputnik, has a 13.3-inch touchscreen and will run on Ubuntu 12.04 OS. It is priced starting at $1,250 and is available in the U.S.


Submission + - Opera Mini makes it to the iphone/iPad ( 2

ClaraBow writes: Opera Mini makes it to Apple's App Store. Macworld reports that Apple approved an iPhone version of Opera's Mini Browser. Opera announcement that it had submitted the browser to Apple for approval on March 23 was, unsurprisingly, met with a fair amount of skepticism; in a bit of App Store mockery, the company even set up a web page to keep track of the amount of time during which the app had been in the approval process. The final tally: a little less than three weeks. Many industry observes doubted that the browser would be approved by Apple as it has rejected similar Apps on the grounds that it duplicated iphone functionality. Most Slashdot readers, myself included, strongly believe that it never would be approved, but we were wrong! Maybe this will open up the possibility that Firefox mobile will make to the iphone — one can only dream!

Submission + - Google Maybe sued over Nexus One (

ClaraBow writes: Google could be sued by the family of author Philip K Dick, the man behind the book Do Android's Dream of Electric Sheep, which Blade Runner was based. At the moment the family wants to have talks with Google about a possible settle , I venture to guess. It will be interesting to see how this pans out! It does seem as if the Nexus One alludes to the more advanced Nexus 6 Android in the book as if it is a direct decedent of the later models. It will be Interesting to see if Google eludes a lawsuit.

Submission + - Google, Apple, Microsoft sued over file preview 1

ClaraBow writes: According to MacWord A small Indiana company has sued tech heavyweights Microsoft, Apple, and Google, claiming that it holds the patent on a common file preview feature used by browsers and operating systems to show users small snapshots of the files before they are opened. The article states that Cygnus applied for its patent (# 7346850) in 2001. It covers a "System and method for iconic software environment management" and was granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in March of this year.
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - Multi-touch video iPods to arrive in August - repo (

ClaraBow writes: "AppleInsider reports that according to DigiTimes "Apple is preparing to launch a next-generation video iPod in August that features a touch-screen panel similar to the iPhone." AppleInsider reports that, "During a private meeting last month, Apple's traditionally tigh-lipped chief executive Steve Jobs all but broke the silence on the future of the video iPod. Speaking to employees at the Apple Town Hall, he said a division of the company was hard at work on next-generation iPods that, like iPhone, would run an embedded version of the Mac OS X operating system." It will be interesting to see if this pans out and most importantly what form factor the devices will take. I'm thinking an iphone look and feel without the "phone""

Submission + - 1 million Safari for Windows downloads (

ClaraBow writes: "Apple reports that it took Apple just two days to reach 1 million downloads of its newest Safari Web browser for Windows. If these downloads manifested into regular Safari users, then we just might have a third major browser on the Windows platform. If safari can obtain a 10% market share on Windows, then it would further weaken IE's position and give standards based browser more leverage with developer. It isn't good having any one company controlling the way the web works."

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