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Comment Re:Why hasn't it clicked yet? (Score 0) 219

mp3 == music?

Or is it a crippled down version of it? I buy FLACs (preferably ones better than 16bit/44kHz (we don't live in the 70s anymore, guys)) on the Internet. I don't mind paying for them if the music is good. I'm not paying for mp3. It's like paying for mcdonalds. oh, hold on....
Not buying any CDs because the industry itself is retarded. "Let's see who rusts first!"

Comment Linn sells FLAC.... (Score 1) 550 :)
There, problem solved. up to 192kHz/24bit flacs without drm. I buy stuff from there occasionally. And I know there are several others around.

I refuse to buy CDs. The CD medium itself is from the 70s. The quality (resolution) is limited and so is the length of recording that fits on it. There have been high-quality players and digital alternative formats for many decades. Couple that with a fossilized business model of the industry and you end up with pirating music (hoping that release quality will increase in the future as music comes to better media)

Comment Re:obvious troll is obvious. (Score 1) 281

Well the fact that it (the troll) actually found it necessary to post this would mean that it is actually less common than on Windows.
You don't see Linux fans posting "If this were Linux" on all Windows bugs. Apart from the fact that if they would; it might actually be even more annoying! Maybe "we" should start doing that. For every critical Windows bug say "If this were any other OS...". Doesn't sound so smart now, does it, zennyboy?

Comment Re:It's yhy anti-piracy is a BAD thing... (Score 1) 294

This is all nice and well if you assume that CDs are the only source of income. Now, the record companies like people to think that the artists only income is from CDs and that we should keep buying CDs otherwise the industry will die.

Let's, for a moment, assume that music IS actually a healthy industry (one where there are (runnnig/development) costs and money is to be made legally) then piracy can be seen as a healthy competition, all though illegal in most countries. Record companies have a monopoly on their artists. If you want Michael Jackson, you'd have to pay Sony. You have no choice other than NOT to buy Michael Jackson's music. And as popular artists (the ones the parent claims are "hit the most") get more general interest, they sell more of it and are broadcast on the radio ,pre frequently which again boosts sales. Sales to which no competitor can compete, as all Michael Jackson's CDs are from Sony. I'm not going into the theories that record companies force radio stations to play more music from other (more unknown) artists from the record company's repertoire. I do think, judging from their Mafia approach to their competitor (piracy), this is a sound assumption.

One other thing is adjusting your company and strategies to the market. When the NY harbour did not adjust to the new sized containers (because otherwise a big group of people would be out of work, because less employees were needed), they were overtaken by a nearby harbour... why? Because they DID adjust. That's what happens in a moving market. Now the music (and film) industries do not do this. Why not? Because competitors can not start selling their artists without having to go through the record company that also sells the CDs. New artists can do this, but this takes time (and is much less affective). I for one would LOVE to pay for good music. I listen to FLACs because I live in 2009 (soon to be 2010) and not in the eighties anymore. So, where can I buy, high res (again; we're not living in the eighties; enough with the 16/44.1 already!) recordings? Sure there's Linn Records and the like, of which I've bought quite a few albums. But where can I buy my high-res Michael Jackson albums? Oh.... I CAN'T! Because the record companies have frozen the progression of their market for decades! And now everyone's pissed off, technology has advanced to a point the record companies have lost it (quoting Sony: "All the Internet has brought us was bad stuff, like Piracy". Friggin fossils!). So let them go belly-up! Let them, for once, feel what happens if you don't progress. I'd love to lend a hand :)

Comment Re:CFL reliability (Score 1) 467

So, I assume you haven't actually measured the light output, you know, scientifically? After all, looking directly at the bulbs with the human eye is not a very accurate measure.

Nor is comparing it to the regular bulb. For all we know, maybe normal bulbs are brighter when it's cold?

Even more offtopic: Nor is comparing AAC to OGG (with your own ears!) by the way... religions are useless if you don't know it when you see one

Comment Re:Happy birthday to 180th meridian too ! (Score 1) 429

There actually is the +/-12h zone that is both +12 and -12, depending on where in within that zone you are. For example, time between Christmasislands and Hawaii are 24 hours from eachother.

See wiki:

PS: timelines are not always 1h apart. There are 40 timezones in total.

Comment Going to be obsolete anyway (Score 1) 512

Okay, so what if they use CGI? It's becoming more and more easy to just pick a CGI model that looks exactly the way you want it to. Do these "photos" have to have this text too? What about changing background etc?

On a whole different note; I fail to see the connection between altered photos of models and anorexia. Usually they don't make these models more skinny. They might smudge out a navel here or there (models are atomically weird), or make a boob a bit bigger (Emma Watson?) but I seriously doubt they're making models even more skinnier.

Comment Re:Software from India?! (Score 1) 535

We're nearly there!

West Asia == Middle East. Middle east is just a European oriented name for practically the same region. And Turkey is just a country, not a whole continent you know. Turkey is as much WEST Asia as you can get; it's the most western country of those in West Asia. Then there is South Asia (to which India belongs) and East Asia (which is West for Americans).

Then there is Northern, Central, Southwestern and Southeastern Asia to make things even more complicated.
Just take a look at this for a nice map:

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