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Comment Re:Google+ is Facebook, but smaller and featureles (Score 1) 75

Google+ appeals to niche technical users who feel the need to abandon Facebook in favor of a social network where people actually have something interesting to say. A social network that isn't bogged down with layers of ads and games and a long history of privacy issues. Personally I feel that Google's implementation of Circles is brilliant; they took a feature that could be implemented in Facebook and made it both obvious and effortless to use. The "Nearby" Circle on Android is awesome as well.

Comment Re:Surprisingly Arrogant (Score 1) 473

I don't think that is an extreme example. My ex was very resentful of my disbelief despite the fact that I NEVER mentioned it; any comment made against religion made by anyone was held against me and she wasn't even a practicing Christian. She simply assumed that I shared whatever offensive opinion was being expressed because I was also an Atheist. Belief/non-belief is a fundamental difference that effects your entire world view and outlook on life, I think that it should be a primary consideration in dating.

Comment Re:no: height (Score 2) 473

The 40-something women at work love to make lists of the most desirable male coworkers; no matter who makes the list, the top two guys are both around 5'6". They simply make the most out of what they have - both are very athletic, dress well and are down to earth, friendly and confident. I had a friend who also complained about girls picking tall guys; he was also about 100 lbs overweight and rather abrasive, yet it was his height that was always to blame. No one is perfect but making the best out of what you have will take you a long way.

Comment Re:Wonder when... (Score 3, Informative) 67

AMD had a flash memory division; it's flash ran alongside their logic products in Fab25, but took a backseat to them in both production and engineering. As a result, their flash technology rapidly slipped behind the market leaders. AMD then formed a joint venture with Fujitsu called Fujitsu AMD Semiconductor Limited (FASL) to jointly develop and market their products at about the same time that AMD was moving their logic line to Fab30. FASL was soon split from both companies into a separate entity, and renamed to Spansion. Spansion has been making significant progress to regain both the market share and technology that AMD's priorities lost for them.

Submission + - HD-DVD night in pictures and videos

Rudd-O writes: "Just a few minutes ago, I was done writing a fairly lengthy account of the events that took place in (what we now know as) HD-DVD night; all the activity in major sites, statistics, and performance measurements, are now documented in the story — through screen captures and videos. I hope you guys find it interesting, especially from the angle of the effects that a massive traffic storm has on a small Web site."

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