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Comment Re:Americans are insane? (Score 1) 190

Oh, my God...really?

I've avoided anything political for years because I'm sick of the BS all around...BUT could not resist and just hit the back button.

Here is why:

Er, how is that news? Look at what happened November 8th, 2016 for insanity index. Forecast; High.
Rod Serling voice: Imagine if you will you live in a red'ish area and have been pushed around by your "betters" in blue for 8 years.
A "Republican" president is elected in what was (as Micheal Moore said) was the biggest FU to both sides and it would feel good.

Well, it did feel good and I laughed heartily and long with many chuckles for the past 35+ days.

I wish I could find the meme like where it said
  "The blue areas want a civil war to oust President Trump, but the red areas own 95% of the guns. How's that gonna work out?"

Chance of dunderheads: 100%

Agreed, but before Nov 9, 2016. Then it changed.

Protectionism, Xenophobia, and nut job anti-consumerism regulations to be expected for the next two years.

Secured boarders and deporting illegals, visa overstays and countries that sponsor terror, Xenophobic only as it relates to those that want to hurt/kill is usually called common sense.
Anti-consumerism? Not wanting to buy a product that anyone paying attention would have (and DID) tell you was a P.O.S not even meant to help?
Johnathan Gruber...look him up.

Sticking busybody noses into random vaginas guaranteed.

Something like this, eh?
Or the Bill Clinton school of humidors?
Or sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, unless it is stuck in an intern.

Skyhigh medical bills and health insurance: Paid for by lobbyists that stand to gain.

Oh, so you are aware of what Obamacare was all about when the Democrats rammed it through on a PartyLine vote on Christmas Eve. Good for you!! You finally understand or just tripped over the truth.
R.R quote:

Hilarity, hypocrisy and hysteria: delivered.

I think you meant: Hillary-ity, hypocrisy and hysteria: delivered. (NOOOOOOTTTT).

Global shunning: On the way.

America! F*ck Yea!!! (tongue firmly in cheek w/ smug sarcasm as a bonus)
Trying to make the EU like the USA is working about as well as the reverse.
Then again, most people don't recall the point of the Statue of Liberty. (Hint: Not to make the US more like France, but quite the reverse).

'moose. (American, Veteran and currently residing in one of the two solid red states)

(aside: Mr. Moore was right...once...dang that felt gooood)

Comment Re: Putin has Trump's back... (Score 1) 342

I am more than aware of the US meddling in other countries (former Army Spook). Trump wants to expand his empire to Russia, and he depends on the loans from the Russia Oligarchs. He has also shown interest in lifting sanctions currently on Russia. He has been critical of NATO, claiming they are not paying their fair share. He's also sided with Russia over The Ukraine.

Comment Dr Robot (Score 1) 82

If decided, I will have a cancerous tumor removed from the base of my tongue. They will use a robot for this task. The Lymph nodes will be removed by a sentient sack of blood and bacteria. I may just have poison and radiation. My fabulousness will shine through no matter what. GRIN My radiation mask can be seen at my flickr account linked below

Chinese Tech Group Offers To Buy Opera; Board Endorses 120

jones_supa writes: There's been plenty of speculation around the future of web browser maker Opera, and now that looks like it will soon be resolved. Today the Norway-headquartered company confirmed that it has received a $1.2 billion acquisition offer from a group fronted by Chinese consumer tech companies Kunlun Tech and Qihoo 360. The deal is for 100% of the company, and it represents a 53% premium on the company's valuation based on its most recent trading price. Opera's board said in a statement (PDF) that it has "unanimously decided to recommend" its shareholders to accept the bid. The final deal is subject to government and shareholders' approvals.

Comment Re:This would n'er happen to a government-run coll (Score 1) 308

They put all their eggs in the Nokia basket. It wasn't social programs that hurt them, it was the economic monoculture that took them down. Look at what is happening to Saudi Arabia and Russia, two countries that put everything into the oil industry. Neither country is benevolent or progressive.

Comment Re:Refugees (Score 3, Informative) 308

ISIS provided what the government and the private sector couldn't provide, a paying job. That's what the Iraqi insurgents did when Bremer disbanded the military and fired anyone with ties to the Baath party. He didn't even make allowances for those who had to join to get their jobs. He then prohibited Iraqis from starting businesses that might compete with American businesses. They went so far as to importing foreign workers and materials for reconstruction. 70% unemployment was the result

Another big mistake was not disarming the military before disbanding them. They also forgot to secure the ammo dumps. Many of the IED's were made up of what was culled from these storage compounds.

The decision to withdraw was made in 2008 under a SOFA agreement with Iraq. Obama tried to amend the SOFA to keep a security force there, but Maliki would not agree to legal protections for US soldiers. So we withdrew under the conditions of the 2008 SOFA.

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