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Submission + - Press copies unaudited information from Wikipedia (

dotxp writes: "German mass media seem to copy extensively from Wikipedia without re-auditing the information. A German student added a 3 little words to a German wikipedia article for fun, which were copied by many highly frequented websites, printed newspapers and they even occured in the famous game show "Wer wird Millionär" ("who will be millionair"). The student modiefied an article about the German women-soccer team winning the world championship in 1989. Every member of the team received a coffee set back then, as a present from the German Federal President. The unnamed student added "and an ironing-board in addition" to this article, at the time when the German team won in again in 2007. Even famous websites like Spiegel-Online (,1518,508977,00.html) and (,-Weltmeister/599260.html) copied these words when reporting about the recent victory. The whole story can be read on (German)."

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