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Comment New Coke (Score 1) 93

Remember that time when Google went with a whole new opening page that added all sorts of stuff no one uses?
What about when Drudge Report decided to abandon their highly successful stripped down site for an MSN style just because they wanted to?
Or when McDonalds decided to start making the big mac with gouda and a pretzel bun?

For the love of all things nerdy, stop screwing with things! It not your interface that's causing a drop in traffic, it's your content. So what do you do? You change the interface to something horrible and keep the crappy ad-sponsored shill content? Brilliant!

If you're hoping to become unemployed cause all this work stuff is just too much, keep going.

From the article - By the time the FBI would be able to fully analyze and index malware, it would be for purely historical documentation. By the end of an analysis, the malware would likely no longer have major influence. If that's the case, just buy any old honeypot that never been cleaned off.

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