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Comment It's a craft. (Score 1) 313

There's been a few very interesting takes on this really old (in terms of how long games have been a field with discussion) argument in the past few weeks:

My favorites:

My personal take? I'm a grad student working on procedural narrative, hacking the cognitive loop of story building players go through during play. So... I agree with Jaffe? It's really much more of a slider than a dichotomy. In fact...
It's a way more broad than even a single slider. I'm not even sure that Kelly's 2d graph comes close to the rich diversity of experience that can be created though video games.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 312

Universe doesn't fight entropy. It slides towards. Life, as a pocket of order, necessitates a more rapid descent towards disorder as its consequence. In other words, life acts as a catalyst for the increase of entropy. So it doesn't violate the laws of thermodynamics. By introducing a catalyst, the slide into entropy is expedited.

This is my religion.

Comment Greek Mythology (Score 2) 722

I name my servers after Greek gods (Hestia is the HTPC), my towers after titans (Themis is my gaming box), and portable devices after muses and other members of greek mythology. All my apple stuff is named after Japanese mythology and pop-culture (pretty much just my macbook Omoikane).

Comment Re:Epic Forums (Score 1) 76

I wish. They said encrypted, and warned that they could be cracked. Not that there could be a collision, but outright cracked. I have no idea why it's not standard policy EVERYWHERE just to use hashes. I'm just glad they didn't store in plaintext.

Comment Epic Forums (Score 1) 76

The Epic forums got hit too, with usernames and encrypted passwords. At least, the UDK forums did, and I assume the Gears and other game-specific ones did too. Got the email about that today. At least they encrypted passwords, hopefully with a good salt.

Comment Re:Update on this story (Score 2) 377

Hopefully we get more rulings like that restrict the scope of commerce clause justifications. To me, the commerce clause expansion isn't all bad - it's original invocations were in the support of the Sherman Anti-Trust act to break up the corporate run-arounds. Rather than have a multi-state iron processing cartel they create single-state subsidiaries that would only buy or sell to each other, reinstating a vertical monopoly over the steel market. Without using the commerce clause to apply a federal law to what was now a single-state problem, Anti-Trust practices in the early 1900's would have failed. That's not a good thing in my book.

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