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Submission + - Google Scholar our of control?

Heart44 writes: A lot of researchers when using Google Scholar are being asked to prove they are not a robot You have to find all the rivers (but not the sea or lakes) or all street numbers (but not other numbers) or all the store fronts from nine poor quality images, sometimes more than once and, surprise, you will fail more than two thirds of the time and then just get an error 400 "Malformed request, that's all we know". You are offered an audio challenge but clicking on that simply loads more pictures. Some people use VPNs but other's don't. Logging in with your name doesn't seem to help. People on the same IP address get different treatments.
Don't be evil may be too difficult but why is this happening? Are their servers overloaded? Is that the best they can do distinguishing between man and machine? It is happening to light users as well so what are they up to? Is Google Scholar on its way out? It is a great way to find out what are the most cited papers on a subject.

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