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Comment Re:H1-B debate? (Score 1) 398

TN visas have a lot of restrictions on them, and there are several restrictions on your life if you are on a TN. Any move that may make it look like you want to stay in the US permanently can get a TN revoked. This can include buying property, getting engaged to a US citizen, applying for a green card etc.

If there were only 3 H1-B visas issued to Canadians, then my employer is responsible for 2/3 of them which seems a little skewed to me.

Comment Re:Yeah, so? (Score 1) 520

So you are suggesting that everyone should keep any potentially controversial opinions to themselves just in case the country they live in is a brutal dictatorship some day?

That's one way to quell free speech. "what if the government disagrees with you". I am open about my political affiliations, and my disagreement with my country's current government. What is the point of having a political opinion if you are afraid to voice it in case your country turns into a terrible place where the government quashes all dissent?

That's pretty cowardly.

Comment Re:HTTPS (Score 1) 379

That's a neat trick.

I suspect that's just marketing speak for it doing heuristic analysis based on the endpoint and possibly packet timings, there is no way to actually do DPI on properly implemented SSL packets without using a MITM attack (for which they would need a locally installed CA).

Unless of course they have managed to find a way to efficiently factor large numbers, though that strikes me as rather unlikely.

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 364

There aren't currently bandwidth caps with most independent ISPs that use the incumbent carrier's last-mile infrastructure to deliver their service (they pay for their own connections). This ruling would allow carriers to enforce caps on the customers of the 3rd party ISPs.

As soon as this ruling was announced, the incumbents lowered their caps and upped their overage fees (again, they already did it once when Netflix announced they were coming to Canada). Most Canadian incumbents are also cable/satellite TV providers and a lot of people consider the caps (especially with how low they are and how expensive overages are) are a way to protect their TV business by making Netflix and the likes so expensive as to be unusable.

Comment Re:I'd say not so much (Score 1) 284

The engineering (EE and Mech) and CS research group who I do IT for use TeX (specifically LaTeX) extensively. There are several groups where the professor basically tells their grad students "you are expected to learn and use LaTeX if you are part of this lab". We do have some people using Word + MathType, but they are certainly a large minority. I used to do IT for the CS department at the same University. LaTeX was the most important package to have installed on all the grad student machines, I don't think a single one used Word.

Sure, I have yet to meet a humanities student that uses or even knows what TeX is, but it is certainly alive and well in science and engineering. You could say the same thing about Matlab.


Submission + - Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Official Images Available ( 4 writes: "Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid), the newest release of the Ubuntu Linux operating system, is available for download from Ubuntu's site and many CD mirrors. This release features Linux kernel 2.6.32, new versions of GNOME and KDE, improved open source and proprietary nVidia graphics drivers, and a host of other features. This release is scheduled to be supported with security updates until April 2013 for desktops, and April 2015 for servers. Get it while it's hot!"

Comment Re:Now ... (Score 1) 894

Um, no. We use plain-old cane sugar in pretty much all soft drinks and most sugary desserts up here. Most of our HFCS comes from sweet foods imported from the States, which we don't actually eat that much of. Our tastes tend to be slightly different.

Comment definitely public transit in Montreal (Score 1) 1137

Public transit is $68 a month, while parking alone is $24 a day for a meter (assuming an 8 hour work day) or around $15 for a private lot, if you can find one that isn't full.

Generally the public transit takes about the same amount of time during rush hour. It's even often faster as sometimes you end up wandering around for 15 minutes looking for a parking spot.

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