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Comment And the problem? (Score 1) 76

If I buy a Nexus device it will come pre-baked with Google crapware, 90% of which I'll never use. And then every 3 days or so notify me that 9 of those applications have been updated. Is MS Office inherently more evil than the Google suite if you want to open a Word attachment on your phone?

If privacy is your thing, buy a generic device, and flash cyanogenmod with f-droid.

FWIW, I use Outlook on Android because Google can't write an email client. first aosp, then GMail and now some concept interface with Inbox - they all suck.

Comment Broadcom/Pi Phone? (Score 1) 134

If rPi3 is an official AOSP build target, is there a market for a $75 smartphone with lifetime software updates supported by the community; One Phone Per Child, anyone?

(Yes, I know others have tried and failed with opensource phones. The closest thing currently seems to be monohm's crowdfunded runcible but it's out of the price range for all but enthusiasts.)

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 1) 990

As for people in dense urban areas like NYC, they largely don't have cars.

Bloody oath. I live in a city with urban sprawl where it takes 140 minutes by public transport to visit my brother (a 45 minute car journey) in 'Greater' Melbourne.
I would happily trade a life in the 'burbs for an apartment in a metropolis with a world class subway. Madrid springs to mind, if only it had a coastline...

Comment Re:Let me save you the trouble (Score 1) 109

linkedin is these days mostly social media for millennial recruiters such as those stupid mathematical formula puzzles.

"Oooh, look at lovely cake Bridget baked for Friday morning tea"
"Congratulations to Jeremy and Ivan for finishing second in the badminton at the corporate games"
"top 17 techniques for sprucing up your CV"

Maybe once a year will one of them actually contact me about a role they have. Perhaps if some scrapes and on-sells my data I might get a few more leads!

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