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Comment Peace in our time? (Score 1) 789

The problem here is we are afraid of appeasing the tyrant without publicising that we already did - the west allowed this to happen already and we need to fix that urgently.

a1) Nazi leader Adolf Hitler violates the Treaty of Versaille and moves troops into the Rhineland.
a2) Russian President Putin invades Georgia on a pretext that was clearly prepared in advance - my apologies to the people of Georgia comparing the invasion of their country with a troop movement - I am doing this only to try and wake people up and present a reality not lessen your sacrifice or ignoring that the west was clearly silent.

b1) Nazi leader Adolf Hitler began the occupation of Czechoslovakia with the annexation of Czechoslovakia's northern and western border regions, known collectively as the Sudetenland and the west agreed and was silent.
b2) Russian President Putin annexed the Crimea region of the Ukraine and the west saw it but generally was silent.

c1) When Hitler marched his troops into Czechoslovakia in March 1939, it became clear that appeasement had failed and Chamberlain guaranteed to defend Poland if Germany invaded.
c2) Russian President Putin invaded eastern Ukraine the west made vague promises that did not even meet the promises to Ukraine when they surrendered their nuclear weapons (Google it, I have nothing to add).

What more do you want?, more appeasement? do not be lied to here we are almost past the point of no return the action now needs to be loud and clear or we will get more of this until that madman is at our door.

Appeasement was a method for the western allies i.e. the British and the French to give them time to wake up their populations to prepare for war and rearm for a new war, both nations did this but time ran out so France was occupied by Hitler. Historically Chamberlain is seen as a fool, in reality he bought us time but we need to use that time correctly! Fortunately for history the English channel afforded the British more time to prepare so they could hold the line but not move it back without help, this pushed Hitler to turn on his allies astonishingly the Russian's who appear to have learned the wrong part of this lesson and who are deemed to repeat his mistakes unless the people in Russia stand up to be counted to stop this inevitable collapse into insanity that Putin is pushing.

Comment Criminal Commits Crime - News at 11! (Score 2) 265

Seriously, read the article (and then I remembered where I was) he deserved to be banged up, changing jobs voluntary or not is a nasty fact of life in this economy. If you sabotage your ex employers systems then you should expect they will hire someone who isn't so stupid and is able to detect it. Business has money, what it doesn't have is patience. During a major problem they will simply hire temporary talent that will be smarter than you because they haven't spent the last few years doing a job with no destiny and can concentrate on one thing - what you did.

This trade for want of a better world is too small to even attempt to annoy not only your ex employees but more importantly all your ex colleges. This guy is clearly an idiot who should be taken away from a keyboard. On the flip side, frankly he is probably needing a better lawyer, to do something so stupid his defence should have been more mental or stress related assuming he even had a clue.

West Virginia, Division of Corrections - Take him home, where he belongs.....

Comment The Truth is out there (Score 2) 418

Social Media is a tool that can be used by both sides.

What this guy has done to stop a bunch of people defending a park from destruction deserves prison time but a bigger offense is how little western media is reporting on it as they could have stopped this already. Because of this he will win this battle through force of arms alone, already a number of his people have died hopefully the number will remain low but 1 is already too many.

He will in the end loose the country and be forced to answer for his crimes, the west needs to distance itself from people like this now as perception of full support is a big part of the worldwide problem when it comes to dictators.

It wont happen of course, we great at repeating old mistakes.

Comment Right (Score 1) 409

But how long before a longer range detection system is invented that can be built into drones and track personal movements so that a direct targeted missile can be used to crack someones head open at the press of a button. This will go down well in certain parts of the world a whole new business will open up forging chips and replacing them it will make car registration theft look like a poor relation. Or we have the Chinese hackers steal birth records of US 1st Infantry division, wars by proxy indeed no risk here - move along...

Comment Meanwhile back in the real world (Score 1) 1004

It is a massive hit because it is a great show with an even better story and the options to watch it while paying for it are poor at best! This is a ridiculously large market that is being totally ignored by the army in suits who cling to what they believe to be the reality of their current income. STEAM - start selling this and the rest of you wake up! I will buy and millions like me will also, do not make a company with minimal rights to distribute a partial list of shows nobody wants that or cares. Take multiple large established download clients and use them ALL with no exclusivity and you win, remember "When you play the game of thrones, either you win or you die". Just saying.

Comment RTFL (Score 1) 247

People are pissed at being lied to about download speeds and do not trust what they are being told, worse the areas targeted for the "superfast" already have fast cheap internet connectivity, if you read the article it states this and the summary does not match it. Ignoring the flagrant abuse of journalism which is the norm these days both in RL and /. this means only people with money to burn will take it, they exist but in a world economic downturn guess what - there are not so many.

Comment Re:Hilarity (Score 2) 434

Wrong on number two. Valve did not tell its Steam users about this intrusion. They did not send out any emails or Steam IMs to their members, they didn't mention this on the Steam news page, and in fact they didn't mention it anywhere on Steam at all. The only place this intrusion is mentioned is on the forum. They're happy as punch to tell me through Steam that I can buy freaking Wallace and Gromit for 66% off but they don't inform me that all that my personal information has been compromised? That is shameful.

When you start steam it provides you this message in the main popup box where they normally try to sell you preorder crap.

Comment Re:Lazy police (Score 5, Funny) 485

He could introduce himself as Professor Doblisnski from the Kiev University where he teaches advanced Nuclear Weapons programmes. Happily explain that your Mac contained an unfortunate amount of technical details on how to make and deploy a warhead using only kitchen supplies but was stolen by a Mulslim looking guy who has this IP address as tracked by your embassy security services. You could follow on with, my Embassy told me not to come here and inform you but as a human being I thought you should at least be warned, sorry cant stay on the phone I am leaving the area as all non essential embassy staff have been evacuated etc...

Ok you might not get the Macbook back but it will be the last one that particular guy steals and I am just guessing, but that IP law might not apply :)

Comment Re:Customers don't know what they want. (Score 1) 360

It is a funny thing with steam, but I never understood why they did not start selling music and films this would have had such a dramatic impact on their income and customers, they already have a large customer base it is almost madness that they never moved this direction as it would have changed everything. Right now unless the game is very special, if it is not on steam I do not buy it. This is not because I like steam but I just do not want the hassle of dozens of dvd's or multiple nonsense programs all doing the same thing and competing for resources and my time. The winner in this "game" will be the tool that finds a way to integrate all these download tools into one easy to use interface that does not require a dozen usernames and passwords. This unfortunately would require the cooperation of most of these thieves and that is unlikely to happen before the sun goes cold.

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