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Comment And I thought this job was for SpaceX... (Score 1) 496

Space, people. The correct answer is, of course, in an alternate universe. Why? Because what with the Earth and our solar system flying rapidly through space, by the time you have done your 3 mile walk, you (and the Earth) will be far from where you started. Only another universe -might- happen to be in the exact spot where you started. Thank you. Elon, you can reach me on LinkedIn.

Comment A safer solution (Score 1) 907

To improve safety, insurers should jump on the self-driving car movement and instead of shutting the car down, simply re-program it to drive to the nearest used car dealer. Instant cash for the lucky (previous) owner! Savvy used car dealers will have a used bike section to equip the newly carless pedestrian.

Comment Re:Are they really being hosed? (Score 1) 244

There isn't a demand for a million musicians, a million basketball players, or a million writers. There's a demand for millions of shelf stockers, but there's 10's of millions of people who are capable of doing the job.

I wonder how much of that is true. It seems to me that there is plenty of demand -but- getting exposure is another story. It's similar to writing apps. Tons of developers write apps but only a few make it big. Some of that, of course, is due to those apps being really good. But it's also because large companies can get their brand out there and sell it. Notice how the app stores feature big brands like Disney. A better solution to music and almost every other industry would be adjusting the business environment to promote discoverability by "buyers". Social media helps with this, but we need more creative ways to find good new music, books, apps, etc.

Submission + - FreedomPop Launches Open Wi-Fi, Challenging ISPs (

Chuckles08 writes: Forbes has a story about how FreedomPop is trying to disrupt the public Wifi business. From the article: "Getting hosed by your Internet service provider may seem as inevitable as death and taxes, but a new startup aims to change that. Startup FreedomPop, which is backed by Skype co-founder Niklas Zennstrom, DCM and Mangrove Capital, provides cheaper Internet access and the ability for people to share access with others on its network."

Comment Keep 'em but make them better! (Score 1) 267

What about keeping them but enhancing their usability? For instance, combine them with other forms of information services - city info, etc. Or perhaps some corporate partnerships like movie rentals. The phone part would be separate to keep that available if someone else was searching for the latest Star Wars flick...

Submission + - The Encyclopedia of Life passes the 1 million page mark (

Chuckles08 writes: The Encyclopedia of Life project (, an online resource aggregating information about all life on Earth, now has over 1 million taxon pages with content. All content is licensed under a Creative Commons license and includes text, over 1.5 million images, video, and sounds. It's an amazing resource for educators since the information is curated and rated. EOL also develops tools to make the content even more accessible, like the field guide tool ( that lets you build a customized online (and printable) field guide about any group of species or higher taxa.

Comment Re:Citable (Score 1) 373

This is mainly due to the fact that there is no "stable" Wikipedia -- things change so quickly that citing Wikipedia makes it very difficult for anyone to actually look up whatever you were citing. If there were "snapshots" that were widely distributed, say at the end of each year, one could simply cite those snapshots.

There is actually, an effort to change some of this. The Encyclopedia of Life (, which imports Wikipedia articles about species, has a process underway where curators will be able to edit a Wikipedia article, mark it as "curated", and then have that expertly reviewed article available for reference. Think of it sort of as an EOL branded version of the article, lending more weight to its accuracy. The main article can still continue to be edited and changed.

Comment Hydroponics (Score 1) 379

One simple way to use less water in agriculture is to employ hydroponics. These systems can use up to 90% less water than traditional farming. Another point is that the development of better (cheaper/more efficient led lighting) is beginning to tip the balance in terms of economics since produce can now be grown indoors 24/7.

Submission + - What's an Effective and Inexpensive Way to Monitor 3

Chuckles08 writes: I'm about to complete a purchase of an electric scooter that is worth over $5k. Since I'll be parking it on a college campus, it will be vulnerable to theft. I'd like to install some kind of tracking device on it but the solutions I've seen so far seem quite expensive. Are there any reasonably priced and effective solutions out there? Ideally, I'd like to be informed by text message if my scooter moves without my knowing. I'd like to then track the scooter's movements.

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