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Submission + - Pedofile security through obscurity ( 1

Chuck Chunder writes: A pedophile who has distributed obfusctated images of himself on the internet may be about to learn that security through obscurity is not much security at all. Computer specialists in Germany's federal police have reversed image manipulations intended to obscure his face to obtain pretty clear images of the offender. Analysis of other parts of the image has not lead to any concrete leads so INTERPOL are now asking for public help in identifying him.

Submission + - Where are the co-operative Wii games?

Chuck Chunder writes: I have bought a Wii (having previously owned an XBox and a Playstation) and am really enjoying it. It is a load of fun and I get a real kick out of seeing non gamers pick up a controller and enjoy themselves. However the fact remains that someone with general gaming experience will get to grips with a game a lot faster than someone without experience. This fact makes most of the "newbie friendliness" of the Wii moot when playing competative multiplayer games.

If my girlfriend and I play such a game (eg Sports, Rayman or Monkeyball) then it isn't much fun for either of us if I win all the time. The most fun we have had together with the Wii so far has been working through the single player part of Rayman, taking it in turns to face a challenge.

By doing that we both have some success and take part in the progression. Given that the Wii is reaching out to a broad range of people and multiple users on the same console I am thinking there should be plenty of collaborative (non FPS) games which players of varying skill levels can all play at once and have some success in. Am I missing some titles or is this a hole in the current Wii lineup?

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