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Comment OMFG they are goingto find you... (Score 1) 119

The Killer: Do you know where I am? [Feet are sticking out from behind couch, and are kicking up and down] Cindy Campbell: Um, you're behind the couch, I can see your feet. The Killer: [Killer sticks head up and sees his feet. He grabs his head] D'oh! The Killer: Okay,okay close your eyes! [Cindy closes her eyes, and the killer tries to hide under the carpet, but then goes behind the curtains] The Killer: Now do you know where I am? [Cindy opens her eyes] everyone chuck your cellphone into a river! actually that would be very bad for the environment. - Christine Malczanek

Comment So many... (Score 1) 451

There are so many social networking sites and applications that it is almost impossible to keep up with all of them on top of regular e-mail. People even hire assistants to help them manage their virtual social networking. In the past we've had Gimp(now Pidgin) and Trillian to help us out by giving us a universal instant messenger. Does anyone use Digsby, or others like it? we can now access twitter, facebook, etc. We even have phone applications to help us manage our social networking on the go. So whatever sites and clients you decide to use for social networking should usually dictate which universal solution you choose. Check out Nomee (there are others like it): Here is a project proposal for managing social networking sites (what do you think): - Christine Malczanek

Submission + - How can I argue my way out of a cell data plan? 2

mykos writes: My cellular provider has decided that owning a smart phone is grounds for forcing me to have a data plan which I don't wish to have. Are there avenues which I can take to get out of this (legal options, employee suggestions)? I feel as if I've walked into a grocery store to buy bread, then the cashier says "well you need meat with your bread. Otherwise you can't make sandwiches so I'll just have to ring up some corned beef for you, too." There must be some way to avoid being forced to so, right?

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