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Comment Re:Shouldn't others have a say? (Score 1) 147

Then when they go home they'll infect others.

I suppose there's an argument to put them all in quarantine when they get back, but that has logistics issues too.

Oh, I dunno, it worked for Ebola, and that included a great many people whom traveled to African countries which are nowhere near the affected countries.

Comment Re: company serves customers (Score 2) 263

What kind of idiot uses Google Maps for navigation, when they could be using Waze, by the same company, instead? Waze is designed for navigation, and it does a way better job than GM.

Sadly, Waze is nowhere near as precise as Google Maps, since Waze uses pure GPS, whereas Google uses aGPS. This is crucial for highway navigation in certain regions (notably, where multiple, yet separate, streams of traffic run in parallel, such as the Toronto-Canada-area "Collector / Express" splits).

On a related note, Waze still doesn't have lane assist.

Comment Re:What is Uber, a CAB COMPANY? (Score 1) 172

I've had ubers go more than 5 minutes late because they decided to park in the lot across the street, how the fuck was I supposed to know that?

The Uber app shows the location of the car. You can zoom in to see where it is within a few meters.

Try that in downtown Toronto, Manhattan, or a good many other cities with tall office towers; I can easily be one or two full city blocks away from where the GPS thinks I am, since it can't lock onto more than one satellite.

You could also use your cell phone to call them and ask.

Are you here yet? Are you here yet? Are you here yet? ;-)

Comment Re:A suggestion (Score 1) 134

Now they might try putting out music that didn't suck. Seriously, today's twerk-a-licious and computer generated, autotuned stuff makes 1960's bubblegum music and disco look good.

For them to want to do this, their listeners would have to "encourage" them to do so.

Based upon the popularity of shows such as American Idol, this won't happen any time soon. :-(

Comment Re:Sleeping with the enemy (Score 1) 321

Unfortunately, I'm married to an otherwise wonderful woman who feels entitled to text in theaters. Every time we go out, I'm forced to choose between standing on the right side of history and getting sexytimes later.

She is both inconsiderate *AND* weaponising sex - even pizza delivery guys do better than that.

Wait, pizza delivery guys do better than weaponising sex?

Ummm... I... don't... want... to... know...

Comment Re:Sleeping with the enemy (Score 1) 321

Such bad judgement and inconsiderate behavior will make child rearing a nightmare.

Not to mention passing on asshole genes. Your unwillingness to put improving the race ahead of pleasuring your penis means you're no better.

Damn, I sort of want my kids to have the asshole gene. Kinda sucks to be born without one.

Comment Re:How do you pull over a driverless car? (Score 1) 626

Hmmm... if only there was some way to use sound as a data communications medium...

Around my area, the police will do the following:

  1. First pull up behind you with their lights flashing.
  2. If that doesn't work (ie. if you fail to pull over to the side, as required by law, when a police car/ambulance/fire truck comes behind you), they'll do a few quick bursts of that horn/siren hybrid.
  3. Finally, if all else fails, they're use their siren.

I cannot see a driverless car knowing how to deal with the first two above points, by which time you'll be dealing with a very irate police officer.

Comment Re:Space is cheap, rip to FLAC (Score 2) 329

That doesn't quite do it. FLAC is great for the individual tracks, but there is also information about inter-track gaps. If you lose that, playing the album won't sound right if any of the tracks are supposed to flow into the next one. This isn't an issue for probably 90% of the CDs out there, but for the remaining ones, it's important to get them to play correctly.

I've noticed the same problem when ripping old vinyl albums and playing them on an MP3 player. When the tracks used to flow, there's now a gap, and it can be really annoying.

Weird... My MP3s made from my individual-track FLACs of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" and "Dark Side of the Moon" don't seem to have this problem.

Comment Re:This has little to do with copyright law (Score 1) 252

When I lease a car, I pay less than if I were paying off a loan.

Leasing a car is universally stupid. You lose in every way. If you have more money than brains, sure, have at it, but its never a good deal. You could hire someone to do all the grunt work of selling the used car at the end of the time period and still not waste as much as leasing.

Leasing is a trick used to con people into buying cars they can't afford or are too stupid to realize they are being ripped off.

I see you've never run your own incorporated business (or if you did, you never consulted an accountant).

Strictly for cashflow and bookkeeping reasons, as the owner of a small incorporated business, I strongly prefer to lease an asset rather than acquiring a loan for said asset. My annual taxes are simpler and I get to claim the full amount at tax time (rather than the depreciated amount only).

As an additional bonus, for cars such as BMWs and Audis, which due to strong used car market demands tend to have a high resale value (meaning, the lease company will calculate a higher percentage residual value at end-of-lease time compared to, say, a North American Ford or Hyundai), my experience has shown that I've traditionally paid less for a flashy mid-to-high-end car than I would have paid for the equivalent "domestic" car.

Comment Re:The actual technical fault. (Score 1) 865

>How about the ability to turn to "off" to stop an engine affected by a stuck accelerator? This is the reason I oppose moving to a push-button system. We've already seen at least one person have an uncontrolled acceleration problem and not have a key to turn off. Push-button HAS to include an emergency cutoff switch. Requiring the user to hold in a button for several seconds to stop the engine is not acceptable.

This is the reason? What's wrong with "shove the car into neutral", which at least will prevent the steering column from locking (allowing you to coast to an orderly stop). Any automatic transmission vehicle, built for North American regulations, within at least the past two decades will allow you to do this without even touching the brake pedal.

Comment Re:Not touching it. (Score 1) 210

A jailbreak comes out from a unproven group, Only fools are installing this one.

Unproven group? You mean, the same "unproven" group that released a highly popular, untethered IOS 6 jailbreak?

That has been rock solid on my old iPad 2 for several months?

Uh, okay....

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