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Comment Re:Corporate sales? (Score 1, Interesting) 494

I know of a couple of offices in NYC that do the same. The iMacs were bought because they are aesthetically pleasing, however the business software is windows only and is ran in a VM on the system. A lot of effort and money went into designing the entire office and the extra cost of the macs makes sense in my opinion. You don't buy a luxury car and then cover the seats with ratty old t-shirts.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 2, Insightful) 157

hat has to add a lot of overhead to the already running process and to what benefit? If it's reading the code "as many as 20 times per second" that is going to add tons of CPU and RAM usage to the system that just isn't needed. F/OSS ftw!

With i7 chips, SSD HDs, 64bit OSes that support 4+ gig of triple chan memory (any or all of those in one machine are huge improvements in desktop computing power) you'll still not push it to capacity with 20 such apps running. We are at a point where we have an abundance of CPU/memory to spare, I see nothing wrong with developing such apps (if only as stop gaps) until such time that a suitable replacement arrives. These apps very well may be the impetus for the development of those open apps once it proved that a user/market base wants it.


Comment Re:Cool, I'll wait for the magazine quality ones. (Score 1) 219

Yeah, I bought a palm pilot and then one month later they announced the color version. I'm not getting bit by that again. I'll just wait for the color this time.

You were bitten by your own ignorance, not by being am early adopter... there was no announcement and subsequent release of the color palm one moth after the B&W Palm. It was easily 10 - 12 months. That said, early adopters know the price they pay for being at the front of the line.


Comment Re:It depends (Score 1) 390

The best way to get non-DRM books is to pirate them after you buy your DRM encumbered version. I wish I was joking, but I'm not. This is one reason I don't buy ebooks. The other reasons is that it is hard to beat the tactile feeling of paper in your hand while you read. Very analog. And the third reason you already pointed out, price. At least I can share a paper version with a friend when I'm done, so I'm not paying more for a version that I can't share later.

Several years ago when reading Cryptonomicon (918 pages) I had to leave it at home when travelling. Recently when travelling I was not only able to take Anathem (928 pages) with me, but able to take appx. 100 other books and countless articles using a Nook and adding a mere 8 gig micro sd (it will take up to 16g). I still own the paper version, for that "Tactile" feel when at home, but I prefer not having to read USA today in my hotel room.

Pirating is unfortunately necessary to avoid paying twice for the item... :( I'd be willing to pay a resonable (say 10 - 15%) bit more to own the dead tree version and e-book in one purchase.


Comment Not very long baseline interferometry (Score 2, Informative) 149

Just a minor correction. the scientists did use interferometry but it was not "very long baseline interferometry". The "very long" term applies to the telescopes being separated by extreme distances, say over the entire United States as is the case of the VLBA. Also, the VLBA can only function in radio wavelengths because the data can be taken at the individual telescopes an recombined later. With near-infrared interferometry, what the authors of this study were using, requires that the light from each telescope be sent down an optical tube with mirrors and recombined at a central location which constrains the IOTA telescopes to be close together.

IOTA was dismantled a few years ago, geiven that a new optical/near-infrared interferometry was coming online, CHARA

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