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Algorithm Brings Speedier, Safer CT Scans 58

kenekaplan writes "Standard CT scanners can generate images of patient's body in less than five minutes today, but the radiation dose can be equal to about 70 chest X-rays. Lower-powered CT scans can be used in non-emergency situations, but it can take more than four days to produce those images. Intel and GE created an algorithm that speeds up a computer's ability to process the low radiation dose scans by 100x, from 100 hours per image to one hour."

Comment Re:they can pass it all they want... (Score 1) 411

County, City and other regional taxes make it very complex. And some states, such as California specifically tell you that zip code isn't enough to identify which taxes apply to an address. See

If you are in doubt about the correct rate, check with your customer, call our toll-free number (800) 400-7115, or call the local Board of Equalization office near you for assistance.

Yes, that's REALLY easy to automate....

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