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Comment Re:Actually works to their advantage (Score 4, Interesting) 403

Yes, St. John's Wort is effective. However, you should always consult with your doctor before taking it, as it can interfere with other drugs (specifically, I have read that it prevents or retards the mechanism of absorbing drugs into the bloodstream).

However, do keep in mind that the effectiveness of a single herbal medicine does not change the effectiveness of other herbal medicines.


Appeal For Commuter GPS Logs To Aid Electric Cars 144

holy_calamity writes "A team at Carnegie Mellon University has begun a project seeking to design a kit to cheaply convert secondhand cars into cheap, electric ones suitable for commuting, if little else. They hope to rely heavily on smart management software to extract as much efficiency as possible from regenerative braking, and knowledge of terrain from GPS tracking. But they are hampered by a lack of public data on how commuters actually drive. Their solution is to appeal to GPS users to upload .gpx log files of their commute to the team's site. The data is plugged into a simulator that reveals how much cheaper an electric car could do your journey, and an anonymized public dataset will be created. A programming contest will award a production electric car to the coder who designs the best management algorithm using it."

Comment Re:Electric Universe? (Score 1) 102

I am disappointed that this was the best you could come up with to support your theory. The existence of cosmic plasmas such as those encountered by the TSS-1R mission is quite widely accepted. Proving that they have the effects claimed by the theory you apparently advocate is quite another matter.

I read the first chapter of the book on, and it mostly seems to be jeering at the complexity and unintuitive nature of current theories, while also heavily emphasizing the "unprovability" of any type of astrophysical theory. How convenient. Perhaps it's a bit tough on the underdog supporters, but when it comes to scientific inquiry, the burden of proof is very much upon the challenging theory. So far, the "electric universe" crowd has produced absolutely nothing compelling, other than cries of "help help, I'm being repressed!"

It's easier for me to believe the majority of scientists ("scientific dogma" if you prefer) than an ostracized minority. There is a large difference between keeping an open mind and pouring my uneducated (I'm not an astrophysicist) efforts into supporting a currently unacceptable theory.

Comment Re:Electric Universe? (Score 1) 102

The website is what I was questioning, really, although another reply hits on the fact that simply being an assistant to Hubble does not necessarily make a person credible. is a proponent of the "electric universe" "theory" -- which has been thoroughly rejected over and over, but remains a favourite of the conspiracy theorist type.

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