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Comment I like it (Score 1) 198

I think easy to program and easily accessible 3D is good for the web. There are quite some cases, where it makes a lot of sense. The Wikipedia example they showed is actually kinda neat. Some things just work better in 3D than 2D (e.g. molecular structures). From Text to Pictures to Animations to Video to 3D; I think it's just the next step of content display and doesn't replace everything on the web but adds to it and opens the web to a whole new range of content. Of course there are things one can see as negatives but that doesn't make it bad in principle. CPU/GPU/RAM hunger might not be as we wish and choosing ray tracing might be a rather strange choice. It's not like you'll browse the web as you would play Second Life.

Comment Forget Zombies? (Score 1) 144

Of course he was only joking! He knows just as well as we all do, that the outbreak of a Zombie apocalypse is way more likely than his swarm bots eating our brains. Because the robots won't reproduce exponentially by eating your brains, they will have to rely on the superior robotics skills of the zombies to survive.

Comment Re:"Bundestrojaner" == german, not swiss (Score 1) 114

Exactly what I wanted to post just now. The Bundestrojaner has nothing to do with Switzerland! But still I'm a bit confused... I live in Switzerland and read the Newspapers and normally watch the News but that a Company developed a "Skype Trojan" for the government completely slipped through my fingers apparently O.o That sucks pretty hard! Not only do we have a stupid DNS Block for CP sites (at least Germany had a chance to fight against it -.-) but now this? In Soviet Switzerland...

Comment Re:Does anyone pay attention to battery life anymo (Score 1) 200

I totally agree. I like my battery to last long and I can understand when 2h are just not enough but when you buy a Laptop the power consumption is not in the focus. Most end users won't even look at the numbers and expect about 2h. I think this will only change when the majority of Laptop batteries last for 5h+. Give it 2 years after that and the masses will expect 5h. Right now it's still 2h. I'm always watching the battery status and feel sad for every % I lose but that's just my paranoia and most users won't even think something's odd when the advertised 100000h battery time is not met. They just don't care...

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