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Comment EVE Online and some other F2p MMO's (Score 1) 669

I'm a big fan of EVE Online, and for the longest time, they used to have a native Linux port, and then they made it go away. I'd love to see it return, especially if tailored to SteamOS. SWTOR, STO, TERA and a couple of others would also be great to see, but by and large, a good chunk of the indie titles on Steam also work on Linux, so there isnt a real shortage. Also, plenty of Humble Bundle titles work natively under Linux as well, so this is also a good thing!

Submission + - Bono hands on at Palm

howhardcanitbetocrea writes: Palm announced a strategic stock sale to private equity firm Elevation, a five way partnership between musical genius Bono, Apple iPod pioneer Jon Rubinstein, and three other executives.

"We believe investors will respond well to the news. Shareholders will retain 75% ownership of the company and receive a $9 per share distribution financed by a $325 million cash infusion from Elevation and a $400 million debt offering. Elevation is acquiring preferred stock convertible at a 16% premium over recent trading levels."

Submission + - Behind the Scenes of Canada's Movie Piracy Law

An anonymous reader writes: Michael Geist's latest Toronto Star column features a behind-the-scenes look at how Canada got its movie piracy bill based on internal government documents obtained under the Access to Information Act. Few will be shocked to learn that Hollywood lobbyists provided draft legislation months earlier as part of their barrage of lobbying, though the documents show that advisers to the Minister were skeptical that the proposal would accomplish anything.

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