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Submission + - Digia to acquire Qt from Nokia 1

MrvFD writes: "Ever since the most recent layoffs were announced by Nokia last month and the end of Qt related programs at Nokia was rumored, the fate of Qt has been in the air despite it nowadays having a working open governance model. Fear no longer, Qt brand, since Digia has now announced acquiring of Qt organization from Nokia. While relatively unknown company to the masses, it has already been selling the non-free (non-LGPL) licenses of Qt for 1.5 years. Hopefully this'll mean a bright future for Qt in co-operation with other Qt wielding companies like Google, RIM, Canonical, Intel, Skyp... Microsoft, Jolla and the thousands of Qt open source and commercial license users. Digia now plans to quickly enable Qt on Android, iOS and Windows 8 platforms, where work has already been underway for some time."

Comment Re:Traffic info (Score 2) 218

Does OSM have traffic information as well?

Not that I know, but maybe there will be an app for that

Even if they have the major roads, does it have the arterial streets like Google does? I use that information extensively on my commute.

In general yes but YMMV. It depends on the region: main cities in Europe and US are pretty well mapped whereas little village may have only their main road drawn. It really depends on where the users/editors of OSM live or what their interest is.

BTW if your commute is not mapped, you can just map it yourself, it's like wikipedia, but for maps and without the deletionist plague.

Comment Re:Why are they so sure? (Score 1) 85

They don't explain in TFA, but maybe they found new pieces of code in Duqu that (compared with stuxnet) are written in a very similar "spirit" although not being part of the original Stuxnet. Sometimes it's very obvious who wrote a piece of code just by the way he implements things that can be implemented in several different ways (I'm not talking about code indentation of course)

"World's Most Relaxing Music" Composed 239

Musical group Marconi Union and Lyz Cooper, the UK's leading therapeutic sound practitioner, have released what they claim is the world's most relaxing music. They contend that the calming effects of "Weightless" are not subjective but are based on scientific evidence. The music was found to cause brainwaves and heart rate to synchronize with the rhythm, reduce blood pressure and lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. In fact, Scientists played the song to 40 women and found it to be 11% more effective at helping them relax than songs by Enya, Mozart and Coldplay. The eight-minute track is so effective at inducing sleep, motorists have now been warned they should not listen to it while driving.

Submission + - Belgian newspapers delisted on Google (

D H NG writes: After being ordered by the Belgian courts to "remove from its and sites, and in particular, cached links visible on Google Web and the Google News service, all articles, photographs and graphics of daily newspapers published in French and German by Belgian publishers", Google had removed all traces of the newspapers in question from all its search services. The newspapers, however, are crying foul, and alleged that it was done in retaliation for being sued for copyright violations.

Submission + - Belgian press deleted from Google

An anonymous reader writes: After a looong fight, Copiepresse (press copyright handler in Belgium) finally won against google, forbidding it to display extracts from belgian newspapers in google news and google cache. It won too well. Google implemented the judgement to the letter and deleted all Copiepress sites from its search engine.

Comment Re:Available to one country only, not to all (Score 1) 348

yes, I should have looked at this page first:
(I know wikipedia should not be used as The source, but I keep using it as a good place to start search on a topic)
Note that the "one american continent with two sub-continents" is what I was taught at school (a long long time ago). They should have explained us this instead.

But in America, what I said is generally considered correct; use of "America" (rather than "the Americas") to refer to the super-continent/pair-of-subcontinents is rare, especially in contemporary writing.

100% agreed, AFAIK it's the same in French.

Comment Re:Available to one country only, not to all (Score 1) 348

A country that likes to call itself by the name of a continent

What continent is that? I'm aware of a continent called "North America", and another called "South America", and together they're called "The Americas" (note plural), but I'm not aware of any physical location that's named or referred to as just "America", other than the US. The rest of your post I agree with, but that whole continent nonsense just bugs me. America has enough real problems that we don't need to make crap up to complain about.

Not. North and South America are sometime called sub-continents but there is only one continent which indeed is called The Americas (or the American continent).

I agree with you though that when one says "America" I generally assume that he's talking about the US (except in very specific contexts). (and all the same in French).

NB: There was (is ?) a several-years-long debate on the French Wikipedia about this very topic where some grammar zealots wanted people to use "étatsuniens" (unitedstatians ?) instead of "americans" even though almost no-one was actually using it in real life ...

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